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Both here and on The Bump, a few posters have been randomly being given a -2 after their username. No one seems to have any idea why. 

Re: -2?

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    Hey there,

    There was an issue that came up where users were able to create similar usernames, just with different capitalization and it was causing quite a few errors. Tech implemented a fix to add '-#' to duplicate usernames in order to fix those errors, but I'm happy to fix anyone's username who had a '-2' added. 

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    lovesclimbinglovesclimbing member
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    I appreciate the reply, but this seems really odd to me. I can understand the numbers being added to new users who try to choose the same username as someone else, but why do they add on to usernames that joined a long time ago? I've never seen that happen in any other forum.  
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