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Yep, adulting sucks.

Dear Prudence,
I graduated college two years ago and spent a year looking for a job in my field. I went to more than 30 interviews, got lots of positive feedback and follow-up interviews, but never a job offer. I’ve done networking events, signed up for mentors, been to job fairs, asked for advice, gone to career counselors, tried staffing agencies and found nothing. I truly am open to critique and tough love if it means I could find my way to success. I’m not even being picky at this point. I’m willing to take anything that requires a college degree and pays a living wage with a chance to move up. The problem is I’ve been working the same reception job full time since graduation and I’m really starting to resent everyone here. I took a year off from trying to find other jobs, and now I’m ready to get back to it. How do I keep my positive face on at work? Job searching stresses me out. I’m unfulfilled, unstimulated, and very unhappy.

—Staying Positive

Re: Yep, adulting sucks.

  • FFS! LW should be lucky they have a job at the very least.

    Keep hunting and accept the fact it's hard.
  • I'm very sympathetic!  I've been there.  And my H hasn't been able to find a job in the longest.  The only consolation I could give to the LW is the economy may have still been in the doldrums the last time he/she was looking.  It's better now and (hopefully) they will have more luck this second time around.

    Maybe reach out to their boss and see if they can take on some more challenging duties.

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  • Maybe consider going back to school and getting a graduate degree?  That's what I did.  And it still took a year to land a job.

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  • Maybe try following up with interviews that don't turn in to jobs and see what you're missing, or what you could work on to get an offer? Adulting is hard, and sometimes it takes a LONG time for things to work out, but maybe there is something that is turning off potential employers. 
  • It would be interesting to know what LW's degree is in. If she's been on that many interviews, I wonder if there's some sort of personality deficit. I don't know how to keep a positive outlook, but I'm literally going through this right now. I've got several resumes out right now and just hopeful that someone will call me back.
  • There's definitely something stopping her from getting an offer.  She says she's gotten 'positive' feedback.  I wonder if she's unwilling to relocate or something like that.  

    Also, wages are still flat and companies are still being uber-picky about whom they hire.  DH has applied for quite a few jobs in the last 2-3 years.  It feels like he has to apply for a lot of jobs to get someone to interview him.  The jobs he has interviewed for have been a bust for one reason or another.  But he's in a position to be picky because he has a decent job that he mostly likes.  
  • Maybe consider going back to school and getting a graduate degree?  That's what I did.  And it still took a year to land a job.
    This isn't always good advice. She'd do better to look at the job market in her area and field to see what companies' preferences are. Having an MBA and applying for a job requiring a BS is going to kick her out of the running, too. Plus, if she can't afford to pay tuition for a graduate degree, she could be setting herself up for more hardship.
  • Is job hunting frustrating?  Absolutely. Is interviewing 30 times to get out of your reception job unusual? Nope. I applied for over 100 jobs before I landed with my current company and I had 5 years of relevant job experience at the time. 

    Update your resume, find a job coach, and then put on your big girl parties and some lipstick and go to back to your job until you find a new one. 
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