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DW - How to choose a resort?!

I'm planning my destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico for next April. I am so overwhelmed by the choices in resorts, that as soon as I choose one I go back to stage one and research them all again making sure I've chosen the right one! We're looking for a place that has a ceremony site that's not on the beach, it has to be all-inclusive and family friendly, and we only have about 30 guests or so. I keep coming back to Sandos Caracol, just because of their beautiful rooftop terrace, but they don't have many food options and the rooms aren't great, so I keep thinking we could probably find something better. How did you narrow down all of the choices to find your perfect spot for your DW? And do you have any suggestions or reviews for places in Riviera Maya?

Thanks all!

Re: DW - How to choose a resort?!

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    I recommend talking to a human travel agent (not Expedia or Costco) that specializes in DWs in the Caribbean. They can find the best resort to suit your needs in terms of location, budget, etc. 


  • Thank you, and I did, I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience/stories on how they chose their venue.
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    Do any of the resorts offer assistance to make it possible for you to be legally married in Mexico?  It certainly is possible, but it takes some extra work.  This would be a big plus for me in choosing a resort.
    You need a valid passport, a health certificate with blood tests taken at the resort before your wedding day, some papers translated into Spanish, and a visit to the local courthouse for a civil ceremony that precedes your resort ceremony.  (No Sunday weddings.)  You then simply file the papers at the courthouse when you get back home to make your marriage legal in the USA as well as Mexico.
    Here is a good website:

  • Oh, nice.  I was really trying to help her.
  • Surprise, surprise. :|  I wonder what her special, oh so unique situation was that they couldn't follow Mexican law and make that their actual wedding day. I'm sure their loved ones would appreciate that they inconvenienced themselves just a little in order that their guests could see them actually get married in Mexico.
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    Mexican marriage law for foreigners changed about two years ago.  They used to require complete physicals by a local Mexican doctor and chest Xrays.  Now it is usually a simple blood test, much like in Mississippi, Montana and the District of Columbia today.  When I was married in 1976, most states still had that requirement, too.  No big deal.  It just takes money and time to do it, but getting married in a USA courthouse isn't free, either.  Oh, and of course, all her guests must have current valid passports, or they can't enter and leave Mexico at all.

    Now if she wanted to get married in Martinique or St. Martin in the Caribbean, that would be almost impossible because they use French law.
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