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  • ernursej said:
    I think I've narrowed it down to the Veloster.  The Beetle was a lot of fun to drive, but my practical side is kicking back in, and the Hyundai is much cheaper, gives me more features, better warranty and they have $6000 off factory price at the moment, which is pretty hard to turn down.  Puts it right in the middle of my price points.  We test drove a manual tonight and it was pretty smooth.  Now I suppose I need to pick a price and start calling dealerships.  I really want to get my winter tires included, as I know I'll buy those anyway. Wish me luck ladies.  

    I've loved both my Hyundai cars and all my family has had Hyundai cars over the years. Hope you get a good deal!
    I was going to ask you.  How did you start the process of negotiations.  Did you just phone random dealerships with a  price in mind?  How did you know where to start?  I want a good price, but I understand that they still need to make commission.  I'm pretty happy with the price with the Factory Rebate, but I would love to get winter tires added in too.  And if I can get more off, cool too.  ;)  And if you're willing, would you PM me the dealerships that were willing to negotiate with you and the one that wasn't, since we're both in AB.  But I understand if you're not open to that with privacy and all.  Thanks

  • I would go in person to negotiate. It shows you're serious about buying the car from the salesperson you're working with. I think face-to-face, with a checkbook on the table and the option of walking away, you'll have more leverage. 

    I don't know what kind of price discount you're asking for, but I don't think asking for winter tires is too much. 

  • Once you see an itemized price of the car, you'll notice there are all kinds of "bogus as hell" fees added on.  Like "dealer prep".  Don't pay hundreds of dollar for what is essentially a wash and (maybe) a detail.  Tires filled with "argon gas" (I think that's the right word), me: "either take the argon gas tires off and put on air filled ones or take the fee off".

    However, I wouldn't start the negotiation on dealer fees.  Get a price figured out first, and then attack their made-up stuff when the itemization is in front of you.  Or if it is in front of you first, literally take a pen and cross those items off and then say something like, "So I see the real starting MSRP is $X.  We'll start from there."  They'll make up all kinds of reasons why those fees and/or add-ons are beneficial.  A 30-second Google search for the real truth is your friend.

    Keep in mind, you can always walk and do more research.  If you either aren't sure of something they are telling you or don't think they are giving you the best price.  You can always go back if you decide to take their offer or can't find a better one.

    I'd also go in with your own financing lined up.  That's another place they might try to negotiate a bad deal with you.  I've heard when a car company is having a 0% interest promotional rate special, they'll often jack up the MSRP by a few thou.  And be aware of the value of your trade-in.  Another place they might try to make a bad deal with you.  I personally wouldn't take less than "private party" value or at least close to it.

    Sad, but true, story.  When I went into the Fiat dealership the last time I was shopping, they asked to look at my car for trade-in value.  After my test drive, I didn't even want their crappy Fiat.  Though I was always nothing but polite and professional about it.  They deliver the "bad news" that my car has a salvage title, but they'll take it off my hands for $1,000.  It had a private party blue book (without salvage) of over $7K. 

    I was really, really upset!  It hadn't been sold to me with a salvage title.  I'm sure my bank wouldn't have given me a loan on it with a salvage title.  What was going on?!?  I spent at least 30 minutes of time over the course of the next day, discussing this latest development with my bank.  They pulled my original title and called me back.  Nope, not a salvage title.  That was a total F**KING LIE to try and steal my $7K car for $1K. 

    I'm certainly not saying all car dealership personnel are worthless pieces of s**t, but obviously some are.  So know your facts on all pieces of the transaction.  And trust, but verify.  On everything.

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    Slightly off topic, but car buying related:

    My sister is completely different from me.  She tends to act impulsively.  She cares very much about appearances.  Expensive clothes, cosmetics, and a new car every four years are the norm for her.

    Some years ago, she was driving from her home in Arkansas to Iowa to visit our Mom.  She fell asleep at the wheel in southern Missouri and crashed into a tree, totaling her car. (She wasn't hurt.) After walking to a nearby house and reporting the accident, she walked a few blocks to the nearest car dealership - a Chevy dealer.  She liked a car on the showroom floor, so she bought it on the spot, paying full sticker price, and using her credit cards for financing.  She signed every paper they put in front of her, including extended warranties, etc.  Then she drove on her merry way.

    She was hurt when I reacted with horror at her story.  Her husband was angry, and felt that the dealer took advantage of her naivete.  He went to the Missouri dealer and tried to renegotiate, but Sis had signed everything, and she was of legal age.  No dice.  Sis had a melt down and accused all of us of thinking that she was "stupid".  (No one ever actually said that, but...?)

    I really like how carefully WinstonsGirl is researching her car purchase.  Here are some articles you might read about buying a good used car:

    Good luck in finding your car!

  • Like @short+sassy suggestion and approach. I pm'd you @WinstonsGirl
  • Awesome!  Enjoy the new car!  My last car was red.  I like that color.  Sounds like you got a great deal and what a nice extra bonus that your mom also got $500 to use at the dealership.
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  • @leegood  I'm from Canada but we went through Car Club. Same idea as Car Canada. Ours was a daily rental, so pretty low mileage.

  • leegood said:

    Happy for everyone who managed to buy a good car on good conditions. Any tips for those who live in Canada? I want to order a pre-owned car from the US, thinking over using services of brokers, any reviews on these guys ?

    Make sure to factor in the price of out of province/country inspection that will be mandatory and gas/shipping depending on how you want to transport home. It may not be worth it. 
  • I'm strongly suspecting @leegood is a vendor.  I mean, first post and there is a web address link?

    At any rate, I shipped my last car from a dealership in FL.  I specifically wanted a used MINI Cooper convertible and they were hard to come by in my own area.  I was surprised how much the shipping options varied!  But I got away with $400.  Definitely the low end of the range.  Not much more expensive than if I'd flown out and driven it back myself.  WAY more convenient.

    I also once bought a used car from a dealership in Houston.  That was through Ebay.  A great deal to be worth the extra hassle.  For that one, I flew into Houston and drove the car back.  Even with the plane ticket, it was a lot cheaper than if I'd shipped it and the drive was only 6-7 hours.

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