Overwhelmed with venue selection! Suggestions?


I have been with my fiance for 9 years, engaged for 5, and planning this wedding for what seems like forever! We are finally looking to book a venue for May of 2018!

Since we have had such a long engagement, I’ve been a silent participant on many boards, and now I’m reaching out for help! I feel like I have seen every venue online, and can’t find something I like. 

Stats for the wedding:

Looking to have 70-80ish people. 

Photos and the look of the location are extremely important to us. We are not huge ballroom people, but would consider the right one! 

We are looking to spend under $10k on the entire ceremony and reception.

We, and most of our family are in Fairfield County, so it would be nice to be within an hour, but at this point, I will look elsewhere. 

Please, if you have any suggestions, they would be soo appreciated. I’m a first year teacher, so I have had a ton of non wedding stress all year, and am now realizing I’m coming up on some serious booking deadlines. 

Thank you!


Re: Overwhelmed with venue selection! Suggestions?

  • What kind of venue are you looking for?  Would you be willing to have an off season wedding to help with budget?
  • I just spent months and months of furious CT venue searching. Like you, I felt like I looked everywhere and hated everything. I focused my search on the mid-to-eastern area of CT instead of Fairfield Country, but let me drop my relevant-to-your-interests findings anyway, in the hopes that you see something new:
    • Garden House at Keeler Tavern? It's perfect for that amount of people, and the grounds are very beautiful. That's in your area. I think the site fee is around $4,000, so adding in catering, it might be a little tough, but worth mentioning.
    • Tarrywile Mansion, also affordable, especially depending on the month you choose. I think the site fee is around $2,200 during peak season, $1,500 off-season. The only notable caveat with this place, if it matters to you, is the split rooms/areas for seating. Grounds, inside and out, are great for photos!
    • Gallaher Mansion might be close to your price point too--maybe a couple thousand over? That's in Norwalk, CT.
    • Interlaken Inn has a bunch of packages that are affordable.
    • Crabtree's Kittle House in NY. Not too far off the CT border. I think maybe a $2,000 site fee.
    Good luck!
  • My sister got married at Bank Streets... 
    It's in Stamford and that was my sister's budget for her venue. not sure if she spent more or not but the wedding was beautiful. (her ceremony was at a church) but you can have it there as well. good luck.
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