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Help Choosing a Venue

I'm currently torn between 3 wedding venues that are in our price range. Can anyone offer some thoughts on which one is the best or provide any insight if they have been to any of the three? The current options are Richfield Regency ($110 pp), The Bridgewater Manor ($98 pp) and the Sterling Ballroom ($110 pp). Although I have visited these locations, i haven’t been to a wedding at any of these venues so any guidance would be appreciated. 

Re: Help Choosing a Venue

  • Where are these located (you don't mention this)? It might also be better to post this question under the local boards.
  • OP - you'll want to post this to your local boards (Right-hand side of the screen you'll see a drop-down where it says "Wedding Boards", click on "Local Boards" and find the location nearest you to post this.  Also consider add-on fees like service fees, security, bar minimums, and taxes as they can significantly change the budget.  
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  • I know everyone suggested to move this to your local board, but I'll take a stab at it...

    Are these New Jersey places by any chance???? Cuz I know of places near me that are the same names!! I haven't been to Sterling Ballroom or Bridgewater Manor, but I have been to Richfield Regency. My friends were married there last year. It's definitely beautiful inside!! The guests overwhelmingly said they liked it and that the food was good. Hope that helps!!!
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