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Shapewear help/dress regret/I'm scared of not liking it

I have never posted in any sort of discussion before so I have no idea if this will help me in any way.  But I figured maybe someone would have a suggestion on here that I haven't thought of.  
I purchased a dress of my upcoming wedding over 8 months ago.  It was not at all what I had envisioned myself in as I wanted something more A-line that I could move in but ended up falling in love with a keyhole back lace dress that is a mermaid style, much tighter than I had thought but the sample made my body look amazing and I loved how I felt in it.  
I am not having that same feeling in the dress now that it has come in. I have had three fittings and I keep hoping it will change and its not. The wedding is less than a month away.  The way the dress fits there is a crease/it pulls over my stomach and makes it really noticeable.  I like my body.  I have curves and I wanted to show them off. But it seems like this is pointing to an unflattering place and I can't get rid of it.  I tried to look for shape wear but the key hole back is very low.  My concern is as simple and as petty as this; I want to love my wedding dress.  I do not want to feel self conscious all day long.  I do not want to starve myself for the next three weeks.  I don't want every photo of me to be of my with my hand covering the area I don't like.  I don't know if the problem can be corrected (the seamstress is going to try to relax the lace) or if this is just the way a dress that is this form fitting will fit and I have to learn to love it.  I hate the idea that I'm going to put the dress on on my wedding day and feel uncomfortable and unhappy with my body.  
Does anyone have any ideas for shapewear that might work? Or a suggestion for alterations that I haven't thought of? I know that I probably like the sample more because it had stretch and the newly ordered dress is stiffer and I can't change that.  What can I change? 

Re: Shapewear help/dress regret/I'm scared of not liking it

  • How low is the keyhole in the back? Can you provide the designer and style? That might help people know just how low you're talking and what might work. 

  • oh wow, that back is really low for a keyhole. Stunning dress though! 

    I wonder if there's anything the seamstress could do with fit. It's weird that it fit fine before and now that you've done fittings it doesn't.... 

    Below are a couple things I could find that might work. If not, maybe just realize this is something that YOU notice, but not everyone else really does. 




  • Thanks for your suggestions.  Maybe one of them will work.   I also might be panicking a little as the seamstress insists that once she relaxes the lace the folding and pulling I am noticing will go away.  I am just nervous to rely on this because my final fitting is two weeks from now and only 7 days before the wedding.  What if I still hate the way its fitting then? I am trying to ease my anxiety but taking matters into my own hands so having some shape wear options to look at is helpful.  
  • 100% what southernbelle said, I wasn't as confident about my dress as I thought I would be on my wedding day and I weighed more than I wanted to. I thought it would be ho-hum but to my surprise everyone came up to the people around me and raved about my dress, how perfect it was for me, how amazing I looked in it. A few people stopped me and said "no seriously, that dress is the best I've seen". I don't know why, maybe they were just being nice, but I shortly realized that all the fears I had were on me and no one else saw a single imperfection that I did. 
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    What @southernbelle0915 and @justsie said. DD wasn't very happy with her dress at her final fitting but was like oh well. Come wedding day when she saw the whole thing - hair, make up jewelry, veil and that glow- she was shocked when she looked in the mirror and realized she looked bridal. I'm sure you will be gorgeous and no one will notice a wrinkle!
  • Try getting a few different spanks options - leave the tags on and then take them to the fitting. If any done work then you can just return them.

    Also if the seamstress says it will be ok - then I tend to think that it will be lovely. That dress is amazing and I'm sure that once its all put together it will look amazing.
  • Rather than shapewear, is it something that would be improved with a couple weeks of simply "Clean eating"?  (the closer to base-ingredients the better, i.e. a chicken breast with just a little seasoning to taste, broccoli or green beans, spinach that doesn't need a lot of doctoring or prep.  Think a bodybuilder's contest-prep diet)..  

    One thought, and it may just be reading between the lines, would you be happier purchasing a different dress off the rack from someplace like David's something you'd be happier to wear?  Ultimately, you've got to decide because I don't think it's a shapewear or one spot issue by the tone of your post, but an all-around, and if you truly don't like the dress, the wedding's not over and you're looking at your pictures with dress regret.  If anything, go in looking for something to wear for your RD and if something catches your eye, try it on and make the call.  If you aren't happy with the dress, you aren't happy with the dress! (I'm in the "Hindsight is 20/20" club on this - I should have gotten a different dress than the one everyone pressured me into getting!)
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