Hair and Makeup Price

I am looking into a mobile hair and makeup salon for my wedding in August. They are quoting me $150 for hair and $150 for makeup for me (including airbrush and false lashes) and $100 for hair and $100 for makeup for bridesmaids, MOB, MOG etc. Is this overpriced? What is the average cost for these services in the GTA?

Re: Hair and Makeup Price

  • Mobile services are always most costly than going to a salon. I used mobile services in Toronto for my wedding 3 years ago and the cost for myself was for hair and makeup (no airbrushing or false eyelashes) was $210 (taxes were additional), and $90 for hair and $90 for makeup for the bridesmaids/moms. I also opted for a hair trial, which was an additional fee, but I cannot recall the price.

    Is the cost worth it to you? That's what is important. What do you get for the $300? Does it include a trial, or not? Do they have a minimum service number (i.e. will only come out if doing hair and makeup for 4 or more people) or not? These are all factors that influence the price. Personally, the prices for the GTA don't seem too steep, but if you aren't happy, keep looking or consider going to a salon.
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