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LED Balloon Lighting

I'm wondering if it would be a terrible idea to light my reception with 100-200 LED balloons. Or it would even work. Thoughts? I'd like to use globe string lights, but I would need 400-500 feet which is more than I'd like to spend, and I just don't like the look of regular Christmas lights. 

Re: LED Balloon Lighting

  • Do you have pictures of examples? How big of area are you trying to light? What type of venue do you have? What are the product specs on these balloons? Why does the manufacturer say about lighting large areas?
  • I google imaged this and had two thoughts:

    1) senior prom
    2) waste of money

    One of the main things that came up when I googled this was using these balloons as a send off/for photos. Not sure if you were thinking about this, but just in case, sending balloons up (or lanterns - don't even get me started) is super bad for the environment.

  • From the pictures it doesn't appear that they give off enough light to be the only way your space is lit, and I'd be concerned about any of them randomly popping. I think there may be better areas to spend that money on. 
  • It sounds cool, but I'm with @southernbelle0915 and haaaaaaate balloons because they are SO environmentally awful.

    Maybe you could find a lighting vendor that can give similar ambiance (perhaps with...I think they're called fairy lights?). You could put smaller LEDs in vases, jars, etc around the room.
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