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Ireland - not a Honeymoon, just a vacation

Anyone from Ireland?  or been there enough to offer some advise?  We found a bunch of day tours going out from Dublin (where we are staying) but then I found out about Leap Castle.  The most haunted castle in Ireland. So we're going to rent a car for one day (the rest of the days are bus tours and hail-o's around town) and make our way to Leap castle (1.5 hrs out of Dublin).  We were also told to go to Macgillcuddy Reeks.  Is there anything you'd suggest from Dublin to Offaly?...or Offaly to Macgillcuddy Reeks? Something that would make a car rental day worthwhile. 

Some areas we will get to on other days (via tours, not on our own):

Kilkenny City
Giants causeway (game of thrones tour)
Cliff of Moher

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