Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Shoot

My fiance and I are looking to have our engagement photos done at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There is a $200 fee for photo shoots which includes admission for up to 10 individuals. We currently have 3 people so we can bring an additional 7 others. We've already contacted ABG and they stated that it would be fine if we split into different photo groups as long as we have only up to 10 people. 

Would anyone be interested in joining us May 10th at 4:30pm-6:30pm and splitting the costs with us? Please feel free to post if so! Deadline on when this is available is until April 26, 2017 since we need to give ABG a list of names. 

For a bit of clarity for those who are interested: Note that your photographer counts as an individual and you will need to "bring" your own. I know the lingo online seems confusing, but ABG does not provide photographers. 

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