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Horrible Hair Trials

So I have had a total of 3 trials so far, and two have been complete disasters and the third was just okay, something I could do myself. I am getting married in a more remote area of upstate NY in the Hudson area. I grew up in Chicago and live in Orange County so perhaps my standards and expectations are higher but the prices I was charged for the trials and the contract quotes are not at all small town prices these are prices I'd expect to pay in NYC! The first two stylists completely butchered the volumized half up half down look I wanted and the third one only attempted a simple one and said she would ask another stylist if she could do the complex one I wanted but she wasn't sure if she could do it, trial was almost 90, and another hundred for the other two. I'm back in California now and won't be able to do another trial with someone else until about a week and a half before the wedding, I have gotten in touch with a stylist by word of mouth and she seems excellent but she can only handle 3 hairdos out of the 7 or 8 we will need due to the time constraints, does anyone have an excellent updo stylist they can suggest near the Albany area willing to work with another stylist? The ones I have talked to seem to want to try and spend only 30 minutes on each lady so that they can get money for the entire party and I am not okay with that and the ones I've tried so far have been extremely mediocre and incapable with a more challenging half up half down style. I am also looking to incorporate clip in extensions. All of my girls would like their hair done as well, I'm not dictating that they do but they've all elected to have a stylist, their styles won't be quite as complex as mine but I would still like to find an excellent stylist for the remaining 4 people. Money is not really an issue minus my already having spent hundreds on unsuccessful trials but I will just be happy to pay someone capable! Thank you in advance.

Re: Horrible Hair Trials

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    This would probably do better being posted on the local board for your area. This is an international board and most people won't have suggestions.
  • Use the lady that you really like to do the 3 she can do and then get someone else to do the rest. 
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