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Camera for honeymoon?

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We are going to Jamaica for our honeymoon and I'm trying to figure out the best way to take pictures and videos while we're there. Currently all we have is the camera on our phones but I really don't want to rely on those since they aren't waterproof. I am seriously thinking about getting a GoPro, hoping we would use it after our trip as well. Does anyone out there have one and how do you like it?

Re: Camera for honeymoon?

  • If you are doing lots of adventure type activities, a GoPro might be worth it, but perhaps just investing in a good point and shoot handheld might be better. I wouldn't worry about getting something water proof. Find a disposable water proof camera for the few times that you might want something and go for good quality for the rest.
  • We have a GoPro and love it for trips (snorkeling/diving and just regular pics) however, we use it a lot at home too. My husband uses it in fishing tournaments/ lobster diving and even filmed most of our nieces first birthday with it. We got a really cool video in T&C and you can hear whales in the background! Just for reference we have the Hero 4. 
  • Thank you!  I get what you're saying ernurserj, I just keep debating because you can get the least expensive GoPro for not much more $ than a nice point and shoot.  Good to know you can use it for taking pics even if you're not into BASE jumping and sky diving lol.  I'm going to do a little more research but thanks for the input!
  • We got a Gopro before our last trip to Jamaica.  If you get one, get the handstrap accessory.  DH used that a lot when swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping, etc.
  • I'm not sure of the price difference, but H got a Polaroid Cube from his work. It's the same size as a GoPro, and he bought an accessory bundle on Amazon for around $20 that has a waterproof case, selfie stick, wrist strap, helmet strap, and a zillion other things. We've taken it skiing, hiking, swimming, boating, etc etc etc and it's held up well! 
  • If you want a GoPro but less than the cost of GoPro, you can get a Xiaomi YI if i am not mistaken. it cost so much less.
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