New York-Upstate

Inexpensive wedding venues (Binghamton Area)

Hello, I am looking to get married September or 2018 and I am trying to make sure I see every potential venue before settling down on one. 
 However this is where its a little tricky, for the venue, food, and alcohol, we want it to be capped around 5-6k for around 110-115 people. 
 There are venues that fit this criteria that I am aware of, some with good reviews some not so much.

Those venues include: 
State Office Building 
 The Barn (Ithaca) (Some pretty bad reviews about the owner and I had actually bartended a wedding there before, while the venue was beautiful the owner was rude and said he would help me get ice [the ice maker was in the basement and the basement entry was across the crowded room from the bar so I got to make laps until people at the wedding started helping] but he didn't. 
 The Maine Event (however their capacity I believe is 100 :( )

Any places I am missing, I am open to 45 minutes of travel. 
 I would consider a state park however it needs to allow liquor.
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