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no gift registry- how to say that?

My fiance and I are not having a big wedding, just church ceremony.  My mom and sisters/ his mom as well are planning a "toast after church" celebration.  They inviting all who attend ceremony to the venue for finger food and a quick toast before we head to our honeymoon.  My FI and I initial plan was to invite only immediate family and head to airport right after.  Because we are getting married at church some of my close aunts said they would be present and didn't care that there was no reception after.  So now my FI mom invited some of her family and my FI and I agree..if people want to go to church..that's fine with us.  I'm not sending will be just word of mouth most everyone knows we did not plan a reception.  I just wanted church and go on our honeymoon.  
The question is...they are also throwing me a bridal shower.  How do I politely word that we do not want gifts.  I have read on forums that having a bridal shower but not inviting to wedding ceremony is tacky.  My sisters keep telling my I am worrying way to much.  That my close family knows our plan and if they want to attend bridal shower and bring gift because they love us and super happy for this time in our lives.  I know that is true...but the pressure of us having a "non traditional" wedding is getting to me.  I hate that some people say it's tacky..others think it's weird no reception.  But it's what we want.  Our money was focused on church and honeymoon to Europe.  

Re: no gift registry- how to say that?

  • instead of having a shower, have a brunch or a tea. Just taking the word "shower" out of the invite makes it a non-gift event. Some of your guests may chose to bring a gift, but that's TOTALLY their own decision and just comes from their own generosity.
  • Thank you all for your responses!! I got some great tips :) 
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