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Land's End and Lombardi's on the Bay Help please :)

So my FI and I went to Land's End in Sayville today and absolutely fell in love!! It's pricey, but soooo much is included!! The problem is the affordable friday nights are pretty much not available next summer already!! I'm so heartbroken because I had my heart set on this place.  My FI and his family are paying for the wedding and although they don't mind increasing the budget for the expensive Saturday, I just can't fathom them laying out over $30k just for the reception!! So, I need to move on and forget Cry

We are going to LOTB on Sunday to look at it.  I feel like it might be comparable to Land's End.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  Price ranges and minimum people for fri and sat nights? Are extras included? Any help would be much appreciated :) Thank you in advance!

Re: Land's End and Lombardi's on the Bay Help please :)

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    The only thing I know are the things I experienced with both venues while at weddings there...I did not get married at either...lol. My friends each had their weddings at each location and they are both great. Although, the food at Lombardi's is better...

    Other than that, they are equal.

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    I'm looking into having my wedding at Lombardi's on the Sound next spring.  I was there 3 weeks ago and they told me they would do $120pp for a Saturday night with a guarentee of 200 people.  I am a little worried that with 200 people it may be tight in there...but they have assured me it'll fit.

    My FI's sister had her wedding at Villa Lombardi's and they say the food was AMAZING!  His Mom is right off the boat from Italy so if they say the Italian food is that good it must be!

    I am going tomorrow night to the bridal showcase to try the food and get a feel of the room with people in it.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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    So we went to LOTB today and we didn't like it :/ It jsut isn't for us.  We were looking for something a little bigger, especially with the outdoor area.  We also didn't like that it's attached to the restaurant and it seemed chaotic with parking.  We decided Land's End is beautiful, but spending nearly $40k for just the reception seemed unreasonable.  We'd rather spend the money we save and have an elaborate HM.  So, we decided on Riviera in Massapequa!! It's very very different and that's why we like it.  It's not for everyone, but definitely affordable and unique.  Thanks for all the feedback girls!!
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