Grosse Pointe War Memorial / water front weddings

First of all, who would have thought finding a water front wedding venue in South East Michigan would be so difficult? 
Last Saturday, I went and look at Water View Loft in Detroit, Rooster Tail, and Rattle Snake Club. 
I have an appointment on Saturday, May 20th to go see Grosse Pointe War Memorial. In their contract, it states no smoking on any of the grounds. I find that hard to do for a wedding. Does anyone know if they make exceptions for weddings when it comes to smoking? 


Re: Grosse Pointe War Memorial / water front weddings

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    This may be late for you, but you have to be a resident of one of the Grosse Pointes or a veteran to get married at the War Memorial.

    I doubt they would make an exception for a wedding on the no smoking rule.
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    I ended up booking with Grosse Pointe War Memorial. A member of your family, living or dead just had to have served in the military. My future father in law was in the air force, and my two grandpas were in the Navy and Army, so we do not have an issue qualifying for the venue. As for smoking, you just have to walk 15 feet to the parking lot, so there is not an issue. They book fast though, I have to wait until 2019 to get the date I want. 
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