Including huge family.

Hello, first off. I would like to include all siblings and nieces and nephews in the wedding party. There are a lot of them. I do not want flowers, so please no suggestions of FG's. 

The idea I had is
My Sister is the MOH and Brother 1 is a GM. Brother 2 & Sister 2 I was thinking of having explain the foot washing part of the ceremony. Brother 3 + 4 as Ushers. Sister 3 + 4 read scripture about unity. Sisters 5,6 + 7 read lighter scripture. Then I have 4 nephews I'd like included and 4 nieces I'd like included. I was thinking of having them carry the sand and towels or signs down the aisle or a mixture of both. I am looking for helpful suggestions please that include all family with no FG's.

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