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venues that have package deals?

Does anyone know of places in Long Island or Queens that have wedding packages that can include dj, photographers, flowers, limo, etc? I am hopeing to have about 100-150 people. Do you think it is best to get the dj, photographer separately or are package deals more better and affordable? Thank you so much, very stressed out and just want to book a place already.

Re: venues that have package deals?

  • The two I know of are Mediterranean Manor in Patchogue and Ariana Waterfall catering in Hempstead (or maybe West Hempstead, I'm not 100% sure on that front).  

    Package deals are definitely more affordable, but you are locked in to the vendors that the venue provides, so if you are extremely picky, it might not be a good fit.  That said, I know several girls who used package deals and loved it because they were just not into making all of those picky little decisions that come with choosing each vendor separately.  It entirely depends on your personality.
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  • Just as an FYI, I think Jenny is talking about using a venue's recommended house vendors, not a true package deal like the type I mentioned in my post above.  All venues have "recommended" vendors, and those vendors are often (although definitely not always) a little more expensive than finding vendors on your own.  However, truly all-inclusive deals (where you pay one set price for venue/DJ/florist/limo/etc., like at Mediterranean or Arianna) are less expensive than booking separately  (by way of an example, the Mediterranean has a package that includes ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, full open bar, DJ, florist, limo, and photography for 100 guests that starts at $10K).
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  • look into san souci in sea cliff. they have great deals and its a pretty place. too small for our wedding size but did come with a full package if im correct.
  • Try "The Sterling"

  • maybe you should consider hiring a wedding planner to take the stress out of your planning! we recently hired elite(b)events and she specializes in elegant unique weddings on a budget. so far she is great to work with, has great reviews,very professional, and the best part is she specializes in budget weddings! check her out she may be able to help you.

    good luck!
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