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Theater Ceremony

Hi All-
I'm having a theater ceremony at an old 1920's style theater. I'm having a few issues and I need advice or help from creative minds or anyone who was married in a theater. There are two side aisles and two end stairscases (no middle aisle/no middle staircase). I'm having trouble figuring out how I will walk down the aisle and enter the stage, maybe have the guest all sit on one side and just use one aisle? I need help! For decorations, I wanted to keep it simple and maybe an archway on the stage?


Re: Theater Ceremony

  • 100% agree w/ PP...great ideas there.  Also...I think your venue sounds amazing!!!  
  • Stage, because of your sn, I feel this post was made for you!  :)

    And yes, I do with agree with Stage.  My FI and I were considering doing this too, and were also concerned about the logistics.  As long as you would enter from one side/exit the other, it would work fine.  All your guests want to see you!  I think the theater idea is really neat! 
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