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Canceling H&M Trial Before I Go

Hi everyone,

I scheduled a trial in June with a girl and recently I'm feeling like I was hasty and she isn't the right fit for me. Her Instagram posts of her work are way too glammed and over done for me, and I realized that the stuff she did that I liked, was all from a bigger company she works for, when she had other artists helping. It seems like she doesn't do much solo stuff, and now I am feeling nervous because I don't know if I trust JUST her. Also, since she's a smaller shop, everything needs to be paid in cash or check, as opposed to online with the company.

I feel bad, but I want to cancel my trial with her and book the company she works for instead (but not use her - cause obviously that would be weird). The company works with several artists and there are three of them that I would prefer instead of her. 

I haven't paid anything yet, and so the only thing I feel bad about is if she possibly didn't take another job because she thought she would need to be available for mine.

What should I email her in this situation to cancel? (I don't think I need to mention that I'm booking the company she works for)

Re: Canceling H&M Trial Before I Go

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    Just contact her ASAP to let her know that you will be cancelling your appointment as you are making alternate arrangements. As long as you aren't cancelling last minute, you don't really need to go into detail about why- it's business.
  • You are fine to cancel, but if you can afford it, I would do a trial with her and the company. It's always good to have options. And if you cancel her, and the company doesn't work out, you will be up the creek. 

    Just because her insta aesthetic is different than what you want doesn't mean she is bad. My MUA does theatre/film/ red carpet makeup that she posts on her social media that is super glam. That didn't stop her from giving me a really natural look because she is a great communicator. 
  • I would cancel as soon as possible and not feel bad about it one bit.  I did a trial and did not like the makeup at all.  I realized that she was not the right fit for me and opted to do my own makeup.  And then I was out the money I paid for the trial!  I should have known better and just opted to do it myself, which is what my gut was telling me all along.  It sounds like you know what your intuition is telling you - follow it and you will not regret it!
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