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Response Cards...

Ugh... I'm in search of help/opinions/options for my response cards. They came in 2 days ago. Started putting together today. After stuffing about 20 of them, I realized that "total guests attending" wasn't printed on them. It was on the original wording I sent to be printed, but wasn't on the proof that I technically said was good. I emailed the woman who did them... I'm now waiting for a response... I'm not sure if she'll fix them or not. I have a little time to work with as the RSVP isn't due until 7/15/17...
Any ideas on how I can work with this? Some people were allowed guests. Some people were only single invites. No kiddos... I'm unsure I'll be clear about a head count without people specifically writing it in


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    I would base it on who the invitation was addressed to. Check the list you sent your invitation vendor!!! However they were sent is most likely how your guests will respond. For example, if it was addressed to Mr & Mrs, then the RSVP is most likely responding as such (i.e. for 2 people). If anyone has info to change (like # attending or names of "guests") they will most likely hand-write a note or names on it. When in doubt, you can just politely call to double-check!

    Being that I'm just posting this now I assume it's been resolved. But in case any future brides read the post, I'm hoping the info would be helpful!!!!

    Good luck!!!!!
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