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Wedding Party Gifts at Destination Wedding?

What to do about wedding party gifts? We have two groomsmen and two bridesmaids. While some will be driving to the wedding, others may be flying. Either way, it seems that a gift to haul home might be a pain. Something small, like a gift card, seems impersonal. I could get some sort of jewelry for my maids but the groomsmen are not cufflink types.

I suppose there is always the option of giving a gift before the wedding, although my Maid of Honor lives in another state, making that option tricky unless I ship it to her. 

What are some ideas from your destination weddings?

Re: Wedding Party Gifts at Destination Wedding?

  • I always support shopping for them like it is their birthday. If they might appreciate a gift card, give a gift card. An experience like @WinstonsGirl would be great. Anything you give, don't expect for it (i.e. jewelry) to make an appearance the day of your wedding.
  • I like the experience idea. The wedding weekend will be short but we could get them something to enjoy when they get home. A treat after their travels. Everyone is into music and we could easily find out which concerts are on their radars and get them some tickets. Or something less date specific...
  • You also don't have to get them gigantic gifts...I got my BMs a book & some tea, a car sticker for entrance to the state parks, and a clutch (respectively), and H got his GM a bar tool set & some whiskey stones.  Some of the tools may not be allowed on airplanes, but everything else packed easily.

    If your WP all likes concerns, you could also look into a gift card for the venue they frequent, or Ticketmaster/LiveNation depending on where they buy tickets.
  • Nothing wrong with shipping something if something larger strikes your fancy!
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