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Uninvited guests

I was recently talking to my photographer about the subject of uninvited guests. I was married when I was 18, which was 20 years ago, that only lasted 7 years so I've been out of the wedding loop for a very long time until now. Uninvited guests seemed like something I didn't have to worry about, but as my wedding date gets closer I realize that it's a reality. Due to our budget, we could only invite up to 75 guests. We kept the original invite list (2 years ago) at 65 in case we needed to add a few as the day got closer. Just as predicted, we met a few more friends that we wanted to invite and the list is now at 72. 
To get to the point,  in the last month, we've had 8 people invite themselves. These were not people we had even discussed the wedding with, nor had they received the STD six months ago, nor an invite 2 months ago. One even asked if he and his wife could bring his wife's sister, who we've never met.  They weren't even invited themselves! Two others have insisted they are coming and have even argued with my fiance about it after he explained to them that we are sticking to our budget. It just blows me away that people can be so rude. Is this really "normal" behavior now days?? 

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