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Need help being punny!

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Re: Need help being punny!

  • Not sure how much help I can be in the punny department, OP, but I agree with you that #tothegrave is too morbid.

    Just a heads up that sometimes the best punny hashtags come from inside jokes or special interests the bride and groom have - and only you will know those...

    And the best and most used hashtags are also the ones that are simple and easy to remember - the longer and more obscure the hashtag, the greater the chance that it won't get used or it will get accidentally botched/misspelled. 

    Here are some ideas:


  • Sorry I'm lacking in the creative department today... I almost suggested #petasindoggraveasindead but thought it was too long and inside jokey.


  • Thanks everyone! These are cute :)
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