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Pastor's kid struggling with guest list


Re: Pastor's kid struggling with guest list

  • MandyMost said:

    If I invited you over to my house, and you arrived at the specified time, and you knew I was home, but I made you wait on my doorstep for 10 minutes you'd probably be pissed, right? You guys seem to think it's totally fine to leave a guest waiting on the doorstep for 10 minutes. I'm shocked. I mean, would you even wait 10 minutes, or would you just leave because I wasn't letting you in? These boards always say you wouldn't invite people to a dinner party then charge them for drinks, or not have enough seats, or server yourself something different than the rest of your is this different?! Apparently it's OK with all of you to invite people to a dinner party, then make then knowingly wait 10 minutes on your doorstep. Wow. 

    This analogy just doesn't work because a private home is not the same as a commercial wedding venue that is operated and staffed by people other than the actual event hosts. 

    But following your analogy, I don't just leave the front door to my home opened- I expect guests to ring the doorbell and alert me to their presence outside while I'm inside preparing for their arrival.

    If you showed up 10 minutes early I'd expect you to knock on the damn door, then I'd certainly let you in!  And as Banana mentioned, if I'm was still prepping stuff then I would offer you a drink and then continue finishing up whatever I was doing.  I would not start formally entertaining you until I was ready.

    Again I ask, at this wedding where you were left out in the cold for 10 minutes, did any of you think to knock on the door, ring the doorbell, etc. to alert the venue staff that you were all there?  Was anyone proactive or did you all just stand around and bitch to yourselves?

    It's the venue staffs' responsibility to admit guests entry to the
    reception venue. It's not the responsibility of the bride and groom who
    aren't even physically present yet, so if you're pissed at them for
    having to wait 10 minutes to get into the reception, that ire is

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