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where to buy affordable & amazing bridesmaid dresses?


Re: where to buy affordable & amazing bridesmaid dresses?

  • MRDCle said:
    elenaaaa said:
    actually, David's Bridal also has  CHINESE factory. It's not bad "made in CHINA" personally. 
    The reading comprehension on this thread is abysmal.  No one is saying never buy any single item manufactured in China.  They're saying, a site you find a $5,000 designer dress being sold for $200 that's based in China, is probably  going to be using shoddy materials and incredibly cheap (possibly unethical) labor. 
    Goodness, yes. 

    We can't name every single site that rips off gowns. If it has English that sounds like it came out of google translate and a terribly return policy (you can only return it if they made a mistake), you can bet you'll get something terrible. 

  • jjjenifer said:
    jjjenifer said:
    I love hearing stories about hardworking, reputable business people with integrity. That's really great and a wonderful anecdotal story about your Grandfather. If brides were coming here looking for shoes, maybe you could help them. But they're coming here looking for knockoff/cheap bridesmaid dresses. And people are saying "don't do it...you get what you pay for when you order from knockoff sites." 

    Since your grandpa isn't selling fake, knockoff shoes, I'm really not sure why you're offended? And it's super inappropriate to take it a step further and accuse people of racial discrimination. Get over yourself. You created an account less than a week ago and have exactly one post. Maybe spend some time searching these threads yourself to see that people HAVE called out particular sites and posted pics. Until you do that, keep your unfounded accusations of racism to yourself.
    Nope. You are accused me of making fake stories, and this is really ridiculous. Besides, I don't see why my account has anything to do with the comment I left. Her words targeted all Chinese website. As 1/4 Chinese, you bet I was offended.

    Indeed this is a post about bridesmaid dresses, and I'm here to prepare my wedding. I think this is why people are here, isn't it? Her comment offends me and my family, yep, you bet she did. I DON'T SEE WHY THIS CONCERNS YOU. MIND YOUR WORDS AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. 

    I am not here to sell my grandpa's shoes or anything. My point is, if you want to give people advice about not-to-buys, you'd better name the website and let people check it by themselves. Otherwise, it's called rumor. 
    You know "anecdotal" doesn't mean "fake," right? It means that something is personal experience, not backed up by data. It is not untrue that there are a number of online boutiques shipping from China that use false advertising. This does not equal "all Chinese businesses are bad." This also does not include your grandfather, as no one is assuming he's selling knockoffs. Someone else mentioned something about companies like Ralph Lauren making some items in China; clearly this doesn't apply here either. 

    Weddings are one of those times when people seem to want ~*~*~everything~*~*~ for less money, so these stores are often aimed at brides and bridesmaids. They want the designer dress they love, for less money. So they fall victim to a scam. Seriously, do a 30 second Google. The OP was asking about buying a DRESS online, which is when CMG made the statement to never buy THAT PARTICULAR ITEM from an online, overseas retailer, unless they are reputable and you have heard of them. Which is common sense, right? Unless an online store has a good return policy or an actual store I can walk into, I'm not buying clothes there because who knows how it will fit. You have no recourse if things go wrong if the shop has a crap return policy and they're located in another country. And for their wedding, most people don't want to deal with things going wrong.

    ETA: fix spelling.
    Fix grammar, darling, or maybe relearn Literature. See how a word means in a context.

    All of the "being aware of knockoff webs..." are absolutely right, and it is common sense. While how about sweat shops and child labor? How would you feel if someone accused the States of that? You would want proof. Isn't it? As to me, I happened to have a fam who runs factories in China. So I consider myself know well to say. I go to Guanzhou every year and I also have friends who is doing business with Chinese manufactures. They also said the sweat shops are ridiculous. 

    I know how people don't want to spoil their weddings because I am also a bride-to-be. We are here for actual advice such as which webs to avoid exactly and which webs are highly recommended. While CMG targeted at a group of people. Not Koreans, Vietnams, Indians, but Chinese. From my my perspective, I'm offended. Especially when she said something about sweat shops and child labor. If you are sure about it, you should dig into it. For example, a famous brand manufactures their products in China, and that Chinese manufacture hires children and has sweat shops. Then you can go up here and lash on them. Or if that's not what you are interested in, you can gather information about fake websites and people will be alert to that. 
    This is a well documented problem, but since you're new here's some links, 



    Also, as for comments about Chinese labor practices 1) are you actually serious here? 

    But here in case you needed additional resources, https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/workers-endured-long-hours-low-pay-at-chinese-factory-used-by-ivanka-trumps-clothing-maker/2017/04/25/b6fe6608-2924-11e7-b605-33413c691853_story.html?utm_term=.09eadaa2349e

    This is in the tech field, but still relevant, https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jun/18/foxconn-life-death-forbidden-city-longhua-suicide-apple-iphone-brian-merchant-one-device-extract 
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  • Yes, online(e-commerce platform like Etsy, eBay, Amazon) is good but be careful because of many times when orderer somethings but you get something. So always read feedback(reviews) from customers what they say about that.
  • Yes, online(e-commerce platform like Etsy, eBay, Amazon) is good but be careful because of many times when orderer somethings but you get something. So always read feedback(reviews) from customers what they say about that.
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  • My bridesmaids have had no problem with Azazie so far, they are all super happy with the quality for the price -- custom sizing and not. I think if you order far enough ahead to deal with any alterations as needed, it's a good option.
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