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To send an invite or not to send an invite???

I was planning on inviting a coworker/friend to my upcoming wedding, but she has already informed me that she is in the Bridal party of another wedding on the same day as mine (this wedding is 3 hours away). Should I still send her an invite?  I don't want to come off as just trying to get a gift by sending her an invite even though she definitely can't come.  However, I don't want to give off the impression that I no longer want her there or I'm upset with her for not being able to come. What do you think???

Re: To send an invite or not to send an invite???

  • I'd still invite her. Crazy things happen and you'd want her to know she could still attend is she was suddenly free that day. 
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    Send an invite. It's courteous. I know I always appreciate someone taking the time to think of me, even if they know I can't attend.

    This. Lets her know you are still thinking of her.
  • Yes, still send it. It sounds like you've verbally invited her. Even if you know she can't go, it's proper etiquette to send the invite. 

  • Yes. Even if she can't actually attend, it lets her know that you are thinking of her in a positive way and that she would be a welcomed guest at your wedding.
  • Two of my very close friends live on the east coast.  When they got married, their fiance's sent me invitations to the shower.  Obviously, I wouldn't be able to go, but it felt lovely to be thought of and invited.
  • Yes, send the invite! Things happen, plans change, and it also lets your friend know you're still thinking of her.
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