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My bouquet toss thread

Started a new one. Not that hard.

Here's what I think of them:


Re: My bouquet toss thread

  • So when I was about 19 I was basically forced to participate in the bouquet toss.  One girl was so pushy she spiked my foot with her stiletto heals.   I mean that spike when almost through my foot.  How I didn't break a bone I have no idea?   It was pretty bloody.  Barely could walk the first week.  Nicely bruised and turned many different colors for weeks after.

    As you can imagine I wasn't doing that shit at my wedding.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • brutal!  There is no need for that!

  • At a wedding I attended, the bride made me stand up even though I was engaged. I was annoyed and just stood there. The bride's now-SIL, who was also a bridesmaid, went after it so hard she fell down in the dirt. She had already changed out of the dress and into jeans at that point, thank goodness. (Which was weird in and of itself because she changed practically immediately after the ceremony.) 
  • I like the bouquet toss when there are lots of people to catch and no one is forced. I'm really good at catching it, so that might be why I like them. Now that I'm married, no more catching for me!


  • I think a new tradition should be started, in which the bride throws things people might actually want. Like movie passes, or chocolate bars. I would be way more interested in that, LOL. 

    Haha!  As an aside, I love rubber ducks.  To my rehearsal dinner, my H and I wore Mardi Gras style beads that had bride/groom rubber ducks on them.

    I contemplated tossing those out at the reception, instead of a bouquet, but open to anyone who wanted to try and catch them.  I was never going to toss a bouquet.  In the end, I didn't toss my ducky beads either. 

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  • I had a toss bouquet, but I only had 2 unmarried/unbetrothed females at my wedding so I just handed it to our good friend's daughter. 
  • I have, I think, the one cute/nice garter toss story that ever existed. At my BF's good friend's wedding, they put the garter around a mini football and threw it out to the crowd (idk if they did the whole ceremony thing, I wasn't there). My BF, not paying attention, but an ex college football player, just kinda reached up and caught it. Anyway, the bride came up to him later and said something nice about how they wanted him to find a nice girl and blah blah blah, and literally a week later, he met me! He told that same friend that he plans to propose this year (yay!) and him and his wife keep joking that they're totally responsible for our relationship.

    However, over my dead body will I be doing a bouquet and garter toss in the traditional sense. . If BF wants to throw a football to his friends in the middle of the reception, that's fine I guess, but there will be no lingerie on it that touched my body.
  • Getting married in 8 days, no bouquet toss because I'm not having a bouquet! And even though FH's grandma offered to get me a blue garter, I respectfully told her "No, thank you, we're not doing that sort of thing at our wedding".
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  • I think a new tradition should be started, in which the bride throws things people might actually want. Like movie passes, or chocolate bars. I would be way more interested in that, LOL. 

    How about people just stop throwing things at people? Can you imagine getting up at a business meeting and being like, thanks for attending everyone, I'm gonna turn around and throw some random crap to see who catches it! Or you're having a dinner party, and after serving dessert you're like, hey, I'm gonna turn around and throw some stuff! Like prizes! Get ready! Because you came to my dinner party, isn't it going to be fun to compete for a prize?!
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