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I'm the bad guy

Someone on facebook was complaining about having to go buy a gown for her friend's "black tie" wedding at Disney. I was trying to be supportive so I told her, "I doubt it's truly black tie so just go get yourself a suit that you'll be comfortable in." And that's when the utter shitshow started. I'm apparently an asshole for saying that she shouldn't have specified it was black tie and she shouldn't have put no children on her invitation. I'm not usually one to delete comments, but it felt like I'd stepped onto WW when people started saying, "It's YOUR day! It costs soooo much money to feed people who you don't want there!" Nobody would listen to me. I hit the delete button.

Re: I'm the bad guy

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    Some people.

  • Now I've pissed someone else off because of my colorful description of what anal bleaching is. 
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  • Why did you think it wasn't black tie? Was it something on the invitation?

  • Why did you think it wasn't black tie? Was it something on the invitation?

    It's just an assumption on my part and I could totally be wrong. The invitation says, "Black tie requested. No children allowed."

  • Heffalump said:

    I'll be the first person to say that couples are entitled to invite whomever they like to their wedding, kids, no kids, whatever.  (Though writing "No children allowed" on the invitation makes me cringe.)  And I know how expensive Disney weddings are.  I just think it's amusing that kids aren't allowed at a Disney wedding, of all things. 

    Absolutely! Have a child-free wedding, but don't put it on the invitation! I think it's pretty mean to have a child-free Disney wedding, too. 
  • Is this person not friends with the bride on Facebook? Do they not have mutual friends? 

    You're right on about the kids thing....and I also see irony in having a child free wedding at Disney World. But it may very well be black tie. The way she wrote it makes it sounds like she just wants people to "dress up" but you never know. 

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