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No Flat Shoes? No Thanks!


Re: No Flat Shoes? No Thanks!

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    If that's their style then rock on with your bad selves.  The photos reminded me of a party I went to like 12 years ago at a loft in Brooklyn although the details are murky I was drunk and high (back in my MJ days).   :p
    I just can't get past a dress code for guests. Unless it's a true black tie wedding or a venue/ceremony has some sort of religious requirement, huge sideeye.

    ETA: wtf it was an AirBnB??  Man I wouldn't want that going on next door!!
  • I'm all for them expressing themselves but oh my, some of their guests looked uncomfortable!
  • Definitely a know your crowd thing.
    There was an acquaintance in my old friend circle who would throw themed house parties on a regular basis. People were over the moon for them, it became a closed guest list because too many people were coming. If this person were to have a wedding I imagine it would be *just* like this and their closest friends would enthusiastically show up with glitter covered bells on. 

    I hate REQUIRED dress codes though. Indicate the type of event though the invitation but don't set  a fucking dress code.
    Re: tattoo thing. Disinfectant is portable. Most tattoo artists take great pride in making sure their work is sterile and safe. Getting a tattoo (from someone licensed and permitted) doesn't scare me too much.
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    I was all set to hate this but it's so incredibly out there that I can only be like, welp, there is a lid to every pot. And there are sets of pots too. 

    (But potluck OMGEEEE.) 

    Sidenote- I remember this site while I was wedding planning and while they have some themes that are indeed off the beaten path, celebrating "rustic" and showing "choose a seat, not a side" signs is the very opposite of offbeat. Get with the times, website. 

  • I have no issue with their attire choices.. you do you. But it honestly sounds like a super poorly planned event disguised in glitter, streamers and decorations from Forever 21. 

    Literally the ONLY thing I like about it is the giant pink shark balloon in the background of one of their photos. That's it.

  • This is awesome! 

    Why do you have to be shitty about someone having a good time and expressing themselves?

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    Does anyone else think the PP whining about our snark on a snarky brides board is associated with the celestial kitsch bride? 

    Oh, that was my first thought. 

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    It's so obvious that some of these guests were not happy about that dress code. The lady with the giant floral headdress in the short purple sequined number looks like she's looking for the door. 

    A lot of money went into that wedding. Such a shame that the B&G poorly hosted.
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