Uniques and untraditional wedding favors needed!

Hey everyone! I'm coming up to my 1 year mark until my wedding! yay! I am looking for different. untraditional, unique wedding favors for my guests. I would love to do two so that everyone of all ages is included. My wedding and reception is in Midwest Ohio in the Lima region (if that helps). We discussed doing a cigar bar but have no idea of where to start! Our venue allows it as they have a huge patio to accommodate. Also, we aren't sure if we want to dish out for a typical photo booth or to do the standard (in our area) koozies that everyone in our county and surrounding counties do at their wedding. We need help and would love your opinions! Also, any DIY tips for decorations for bohemian style wedding, let us know! Thanks in advance!
- Anessa
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