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Caesars Julius Duplex Suites

Hi Everyone
I have fallen in love with the Caesars Julius Royal Duplex for my Reception. I note that their website says that the suite is great for an after party. However, I was wondering if anyone has had their reception here and what it is like getting their guests to the suite? I'm working to about 50 people. I don't really want to use the hotel catering if I can avoid, and also don't want to alert the hotel to what I'm doing.

Any thoughts, experiences, or opinions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Re: Caesars Julius Duplex Suites

  • Hello,

    Did you end up using this suite? I am currently looking into it and looking for feedback.

  • Hi Valerie!
    I did end up using the suite and it was amazing!!
    In the AM my bridal party had hair and make up in the suite and in the afternoon it became our reception venue.
    I used Masterpiece Cuisine, who were fantastic, for drop off catering and set up a buffet in the kitchen. There is a bar upstairs which we set up with our own alcohol so guests could help themselves.
    There is two fridges and an ice machine in the suite, so we had everything we needed. 
    We Had around 40-50 guests and the space felt huge even with everyone in there. The bedroom area could be completely shut off to provide privacy for your belongings.
    We didn’t need too much decoration as the suite is impressive and beautiful on it’s own.
    Thanks, Laura
  • Laura,

    This is incredibly helpful! We are also thinking of doing something similar. A few follow-up questions. 

    Did you host your wedding ceremony on site at Caesar’s as well? I ask because our Caesar’s wedding coordinator told us no outside food can be brought into the Julius Duplex Suite. 

    Did you check-in with anyone prior to your caterer coming in? Did you get any funny looks from the front desk/in the lobby, or inquire before hand with anyone onsite? 

    We have our heart set on an outside caterer, but would hate to have them turned away last minute by security/the hotel.

    Thank so much!
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