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Nevada-Las Vegas

Seeking references for Celebrations Bridal and Fashion Las Vegas

First post here!

Found my dress at this store: http://shop.celebrationslvnv.com/ for  1/2 price of what one local place was, and $400 less than another place in-state. Has anyone ordered from here, and what are your experiences?

There’s no chance I can get down to vegas for less than $400, so we’d be buying on the reputation of the store.

Re: Seeking references for Celebrations Bridal and Fashion Las Vegas

  • I don't know anything about this store, BUT I want to point out that if the place in Las Vegas is only a $400 difference between a store that is in your state, I would choose the place closer to you. Otherwise, you'll spend at least $400 in airfare (according to your post) and then what are you going to do for alterations? If you order your dress from the shop in your state, do they do on-site alterations? If so, yes, you will pay $400 more for the dress, but you won't have the headache of traveling down to Vegas and then schlepping your dress back home and then having to find somewhere who will alter your dress for you.
  • My plan is to order it via phone/online and have it shipped to us. I have already found someone in my town who will do the alterations for $175-250. The place that was the $400 difference offers alterations at $25/hour if you purchase your dress from them, and $50/hour if you purchase it elsewhere - we would still have to travel at least 90 miles to do the dress shopping/alterations dance.

    Montana is big and broad and we have to travel to do a lot of normal things most people in big cities/states can do in their own towns. We're used to work arounds :)
  • I'm going to move this to the Las Vegas board - you'll be more likely to get feedback than here on the international board.

  • I'd be much more inclined to have alterations done by someone in driving distance so if anything doesn't work out, you can fight with them.  Also even though they may offer alterations for gowns bought elsewhere, they may or may not be as nice and helpful about it.  I'd try to negotiate with the local place for an all in one price on dress + alterations instead of the hourly charge.  Inventory costs them money sitting there, so they may go for it, especially this time of year.

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  • The lady I plan on using for alterations does not work for any one shop - so I'm not beholden to the local bridal shop, I think it's going to be fine.
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