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Can you identify my Unicorn dress?


I have a backup dress in mind, however, I have had zero luck finding the designer.

Here are a few clues: It's available in white, or off-white, but we can customize the color of the skirt to a wide selection of colors. The floral/vine back beading seems to be unique, and I'm out of luck with searches like v-neck tulle/organza skirt options. The lady said it is an a-line dress, but to me, it seems more like a ball gown. It's probably a 22-24 size and comes with a zipper back. The beautiful detail at the hip seems to be similar to a few designers, but the back detail - I just can't find anything similiar!

The dress shop I tried stuff on in does not advertise their designers, and intentionally pulls out the designer labels from their dresses. I'm not saying I won't ultimately purchase from them, but I do want to know that I'm paying a fair price for my dress.

Do you know, or have you seen this dress?

Re: Can you identify my Unicorn dress?

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