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Mother of the bride dress goes on over my head ONLY, how do I get an updo?

Mom of the bride here, petite lady, just realized my dress goes over my head only. I have long hair, was hoping for a simple updo. Do I have to go to the salon in my dress? Wedding is July 15, so less than a month. Worried that I will sweat too much in my dress, don't know too many salons that are properly air-conditioned. Dress is short, stretchy, no zip or buttons, tons of beads/pearls. Sheer neck, so it fits quite tight there--no pulling up over feet. Thx in advance for any suggestions, esp. from anyone who's been there, done that.

Re: Mother of the bride dress goes on over my head ONLY, how do I get an updo?

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    I love MobKaz's suggestion.  Satin does help anything slip on!  Alternately, do you have anyone to help you into your dress?  Someone who can help keep the opening wide and away from your hair while you put it on?

    And do give the stylist a heads up so they can spray it with a little extra than normal hair spray.  But knowing how stylist do hair that is for a wedding, I'm sure they will have your hair on lock down and it won't even move an inch.
  • I've done photo shoots with multiple "over the top" outfit changes with zero assistance in the process without messing up the hair.  You'll be fine as long as you're careful.  
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