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What's up people?

I have wood painting tonight at my sister's.  I'm taking DefConn and he's going to have a sleepover with my nephew.  My mom's taking the boys to a waterpark tomorrow.  

DH and the kiddo are getting ready for their great American road trip.  They leave Friday.  I'm excited for them.  We'll miss them a lot, but I have a lot of stuff planned for DefConn and me to do while they're gone.  

In 'home ownership sucks' news, the boys shower is leaking.  We found the source of the leak and no one is using their bathtub until we can get it fixed.  We're probably going to have to bring in a plumber.  Grr.  :( 

AIso, had to appeal my property valuation last year and they haven't gotten to it yet (they said it could take a year). In the meantime, they've done a second evaluation and are trying to go HIGHER (over $100k than what we purchased the house for less than 3 years ago).  I called the county and I have to appeal, again.  It's annoying.  I can piggyback it on last year's appeal, so they should kill 2 birds with one stone.  This has everything to do with the referendum not passing 2 years ago for school funding.  They're trying to backdoor the taxes by raising the property values and collecting higher taxes.  

Re: Tuesday

  • ugh! I hear those appeals are a PITA.  My coworker went through it last year too, but it did not take a year! 

    Last night I meant to finish up my small garden that I started working on Sunday but I had bad stomach aches due to eating a bad salad from Sunday :( so I went home to sleep.  Plus it was raining.  So today I must finish planting the flowers and tidy up my house for my parents who come on Thursday.  But it's also 1/2 off movie Tuesday and I wanted to see that shark movie....

    movies or responsibilities?  Why is this so hard???

  • ugh! I hear those appeals are a PITA.  My coworker went through it last year too, but it did not take a year! 

    Yeah, when I called the county assessor to ask about the 'updated' valuation she said they were getting started on last year's appeals.  I submitted the appeal in September.   Sounds like efficiency is not a priority. 
  • MrsConn - they do new valuations every year?  That's crazy!  It would never fly around here!  We lowered our valuation through appeal the first year we were in the house.  It only took a few months though, longer if we didn't accept the townships valuation offer.  Thankfully we got it done when we did because the township raised taxes 12% the next year :( The stupid mayor bragged how there has only been 2 increases in his 8 years as mayor.  But it was actually 3 (he tried to put the first increase on the mayor he succeeded) and those 3 hikes raised taxes 42% in our township in those 8 years.  We have zombie houses galore and for sale signs everywhere.  There were actual challengers to him in the primary, but he still won :( I'd be ok with a 1-2% tax rate increase each year, but such a jump so quickly put many homeowners in a bad spot.

    Yesterday was good.  DD got rice cereal for the first time.  I started with a spoon and she did ok.  I think she didn't like the slow process spoon feeding was though!  I ended up putting it in a bottle with a larger opening and she ate it much easier and was happier!  So far so good!  She still woke up twice overnight.  I'm going to try and feed her the cereal tonight and see if she goes back down to once per night again.  I was so much more tired this morning than yesterday.  And I technically got more sleep last night than Sunday night! But its Hs turn tonight, so that should allow me a better nights sleep.

    This evening, its just me and DD.  H is going to the Phillies game with some former co-workers tonight.  I think I'm stopping for my favorite Italian hoagie on my way home for dinner.  It was killer not eating it while I was pregnant!  I did crave it a few times while on leave, but I just never had the opportunity to get to this deli while on my leave.  But tonight, its right on my way home!


  • MrsConn - they do new valuations every year?  That's crazy!  It would never fly around here!  We lowered our valuation through appeal the first year we were in the house.  It only took a few months though, longer if we didn't accept the townships valuation offer.  Thankfully we got it done when we did because the township raised taxes 12% the next year :( The stupid mayor bragged how there has only been 2 increases in his 8 years as mayor.  But it was actually 3 (he tried to put the first increase on the mayor he succeeded) and those 3 hikes raised taxes 42% in our township in those 8 years.  We have zombie houses galore and for sale signs everywhere.  There were actual challengers to him in the primary, but he still won :( I'd be ok with a 1-2% tax rate increase each year, but such a jump so quickly put many homeowners in a bad spot.

    Yes, our house has been reassessed every year we've lived here.   The first year it was negligible (like $2k) and then last year it jumped $98k and now they've gone up another $4k-ish.  

    We butt up to a neighborhood of McMansions (that start $150-200k over what we bought our house for) and the new construction on the two empty lots around us (not neighborhood affiliated) are also large custom homes.  Our house is original to this lot and is almost 40 years old.   The land is where they're trying to stick us.  The structure improvements haven't gone up as much.  We are on a large lot and since the lot next to us, which is slightly smaller than ours, sold for a lot more than ours was valued at 2 years ago, they're trying to bring our land value up to match.  

    Either we're real estate savants or I've got some swampland in FL to sell... ;)
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    @mrsconn23, wow!  As much as my city sucks, and they suck it hard.  Property reassessments are done pretty quickly.  The same day if you are willing to wait in line all day long.  Yes, wait in line for 6-12 hours.  Because everybody can only challenge the property assessment for a two-week window in August.  There was one year, I arrived at the courthouse at 10:15AM.  I wasn't done until 10:30PM.  I didn't do it by mail because the rumor is that your case is more powerful in person.  Plus, I don't trust the city not to "lose/misfile" something I sent by mail.

    The first year I did it, I had just bought my house a few months earlier and had my appraisal report and closing documentation IN HAND.  Bought the house for $81K.  Appraisal report...done by a licensed appraiser who has to go through a rigorous two-year mentorship and a slew of tests to get their $135K.  You know, a guy who had actually been INSIDE the house.  Instead of looking at it on Google maps, like the assessor did.  Although they did lower the assessment, they still didn't lower it as far as my appraisal report.  Much less what I had literally just purchased the house for.

    It's sad when the very government you live under are nothing but a bunch of con men playing their little shell game.  I wish you better luck than I had.

    Edited to add:  They do our assessments every 4 years, but I had the bad luck of buying my house the year before the next assessment.  They assessed it the next year at exactly the same previous value I had fought the year before.  So I had to go BACK through all of it again.  This time, I brought their OWN reassessment from the year before and was like, "Umm...yeah, y'all just did this last year.  Can we please just keep it the same value?  Because it didn't jump up 50% in one year."  And at least they did.

    This year should be 4 years from that.  Property values have gone up a LOT in my neighborhood.  Which is awesome.  But I am absolutely dreading this next reassessment.

    My latest excitement!  I got tickets in the mail for The Antiques Roadshow when it is coming to NOLA next month.  Squeeee!!!!  My H and I both really like that show and it should be a lot of fun to go.  Though I've heard you have to wait in line for hours.  Now we need to decide what we are taking.  Each person can bring up to two things.

    The way tickets work is, they are not sold.  You have to go on their website and request tickets for the show you want to attend.  But it's not "first come, first serve".  It's a lottery.  I had no idea I'd won the tickets until they just showed up in the mail! 

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  • Ugh @mrsconn23 are they just starting on last years appeals? Meaning starting with the ones filed in January?
    @OliveOilsMom treat yo self!!

    I slept for 12 hours last night! My body must have really needed it.

     I spoke with the marketing director for the barn today. We are going to get together Thursday night to talk about payment and I have no idea what to ask for. Right now we are talking about 70 kindergarten age kids coming over the course of a month, for a few hours a day to do TBD activities. If they can get this figured out, there is a possibility of 7-9 other schools who are interested. From what I understand, salary is not an option so I need to figure a commission per child, or hour, or day rate... IDK. I am always so bad at this part. Any advice is appreciated.

    DH's request for time off in September was approved. I am a little annoyed because he took 3 weeks off without consulting with me. We had talked briefly about him taking some time in September but not 3 weeks. And we are going to be so broke since he is going to vegas for "conferences" this month and I am going to Greece in August....  I don't think we could afford to go any where. 
    Oh well. 
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    worked a few hours this am, worked out, cleaned bathrooms, swim lessons, and now relaxing at the pool. Then home to finish laundry, baseball game, and a few more hours work. 
  • My random for the day.

    They moved an employee into an office across and one down from me.  He sometimes spends long periods of time drumming/playing little random tunes with his fingers on the desk.  I don't usually do the "headphones listening to music" thing at work, but perhaps it is time I started, lol.

    Other than that, I've always liked working with this coworker and it is great to have him on the "block".

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  • Apologies to anyone here who works in healthcare but damn this system is terrible (not the people, the people are wonderful). It's hard enough to get an appointment with my provider, but now my pharmacy doesn't have a prescription and doesn't know when they'll get it in, but my insurance is only accepted at certain pharmacies so I can't just take it somewhere else. There has to be a better way. 
  • @OliveOilsMom  do it! you get that hoagie!

    @DrillSergeantCat  it's almost over at least!

    Not much last night. Neither of us had the energy to make dinner, so I just made rice. For mine I just shredded some cheese and sour cream, while M had ketchup.

    More chat about our yard and stuff. We chatted for a bit in the backyard, but the ants bite me a lot for whatever reason :(

    M suggested just trying now for kid, but tbh I don't want a kid in March. Too many bdays already, and I explained this to him. Having the potential that kid is born early April could mean March baby also, but legit between close friends and family there are already 7 bdays!
    How about no more ..... lol We're still on track for July though.

    We both slept through the alarm longer than anticipated. Just super tired lately. Guess I'll probably crash early tonight.

    Work is work. Pretty on top of stuff, so that's good. Probably going to get a head start on next week's stuff though.
  • @MissKittyDanger you wouldn't say that if you saw the state of my garage. Lol. I have to laugh or I'll cry...again.

    I think I've talked a bit about my struggles breastfeeding and pumping? I bought some stuff online that worked and got a new pump, too. The pump is fantastic; I didn't realize pumping didn't have to hurt! The bottles we use are supposed to fit this pump so I can pump straight into them...score! Except, they don't fit properly and while I was pumping this morning, the bottle came off and spilled 2.5 ounces on the floor. I ugly cried.
  • @DrillSergeantCat  I felt the same about my place when we were in midst of moving. I feel your pain <3
  • DSC - It's such a crazy head game - BF.  I only had one week were I nursed DD without any formula and she didn't gain enough weight that week.  So except for that one week, I've always had to supplement.  I also felt horrible because I couldn't feed DD by myself, in my mind I felt like I had been starving her.  It took me a while to feel good about having to supplement.

    DD also stopped nursing over a month and a half ago now.  She just straight up stopped and we have to 100% bottle feed her now.  I am able to pump enough to give her 2 bottles of milk per day now (but I had to build up to that) and make a bag for the freezer once-twice per week.

    I also had a cry over split milk, who ever made up that phrase was obviously not a BFing mom!

    What type of pump do you have?  I used Medela in the hospital and for the first month (I rented), then I got an Ameda through my insurance company.  It was an adjustment just between the two.  But I still prefer the Medela one, I should have tried to see if my insurance would have gotten me one of those, but I had the insurance one all picked out pre-baby, so I had no idea what I was looking for and I forgot to change my order before it was processed and shipped.

    I hope you can find some bottles that will fit and not fall.  I'm sorry that happened!  But I'm glad your BFing and pumping woes are getting to be behind you!

    Also, have you tried any lactation cookie recipes?  My friend made me a bag of cookies right after DD was born and my supply went crazy.  I really need to make more cookies, I just haven't had time to. 

  • Charlotte - I can't believe the pharmacy can't tell you when your medicine will be in!  I use CVS and that has never been a problem for them to tell me when something will come back in stock. 

    Can you reach out to the prescription insurance to find a place who can give it to you now?  Are you able to use hospital pharmacies at all? Or contact your doctor and let him/her know you can't get the prescription right away.  There may be an alternative you can have.

    (Meant to add this above, but posted too soon.)

  • @OliveOilsMom I had a Medela PISA and it was fine, but I'd read good reviews about the Spectra S2 so I ordered one of those. I really love the way it feels. The tag that came on it read, "our pumps don't suck, they suckle" and there really is a difference. It's a lot gentler while still being effective. Now I just have to get the storage bottle thing figured out.

    I read some reviews about Mrs. Patel's fenugreek bars and Milk Water Tea, so I ordered a package of each. After a week, I noticed an increase in my supply. I'm trying to EBF/Pump, but I don't beat myself up too badly if she has to have formula. Mouse was already switched over to formula completely at this point. My goal is 6 months minimum and she'll be 5 months on Sunday. 
  • I am on day three of work of work in a row and I am dying. I need to build up some stamina. In a couple of weeks I have six days of work in a to because of how the schedule falls and I might lose my mind. I have a ton to do before family comes over this weekend. Tomorrow SO and I are supposed to go to dinner with my parents and say goodbye to our family dog. She's not doing well and the vet gave her a few weeks. Poor thing. 

  • @levioosa  rough week :( sorry to hear about family dog <3
  • @MissKittyDanger, I've never heard of eating rice with ketchup.  Did I understand that right?  Is that an M thing or maybe a regional thing?

    For you it's ants.  For me it's mosquitos.  I hugely sympathize.  My H will spend all day outside.  Does not get even one bite.  I slather myself in mosquito spray multiple times a day.  Stay inside with long pants and a long shirt.  Get eaten alive.  I recently bought a highly recommended product off Amazon (forget the name).  We sprayed all along the outside of the house, into the tree branches and along the fence perimeter.  And, woo hoo, mosquito bites are way down.

    @levioosa, hang in there with work!  I'm assuming since you're in a hospital it is an "on your feet all day" kind of job.  Those are brutal, until you build up the stamina.  Sorry to hear about the family dog.  I'm glad you'll have a chance to say good-bye.

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  • Thanks @OliveOilsMom, I did what you suggested and called my insurance, they actually called the pharmacy manager and asked when it would be in (tomorrow afternoon). And my doctor said that was fine. So I guess not super terrible, but I still don't get why it takes all of that to know when something will be in. 
  • @short+sassy  It's hard to say. Might be an M thing, he has ketchup on a lot of things.
    Ants seem to be only bad in our yard, so I'm wondering if there's a reasoning. My dad was like that with mosquitoes. At our campground, my mum and grampa would be sitting outside and my dad inside. He'd come out and mosquitoes would swarm lol
  • guyz! A friend of mine is upset because "people keep asking me which is the "real" wedding and I don't understand the question. Why would one celebration be less real than the another? If they're talking about the paperwork...nobody extra will be invited to stare over my shoulder at me as I sign anyways. Depending on how jobs work out, I may do the paperwork in a courthouse, in which case nobody would be at the "real" wedding. That can't be what they're asking."

  • Hello.

    I'm still living the life of leisure.    Did a 10.61 hike yesterday, then went to work.  It was such a cool hike. There was remnants from an avalanche.   You could still smell the cut pine.  There were 7 foot high snow drifts.  I'm guessing the debris from the avalanche is insulating the snow, because it was in the 80's and no other snow around (except in the 12K foot range).   

    I don't go into later tonight so I finally cleaned my house.  It was pretty dusty.  Damn you dogs.      I'm pretty sure I go hiking to avoid housework.  Ha.  

    Last week DH texted me to say he was heading to the Harley-Davidson dealership to "just look".     That is really code for I'm buying one.    Sure enough he came home with a new bike.

      He traded in his 5 month old scooter for the new Harley.   He was offered $6k for the scooter.  He paid, $8k.   So that means he paid $2k for the stupid scooter to sit in our garage for 3.5 months and ride it for a whole 1.5 months.  Grrr.

    I will say the bike is nice.  He did get a back rest, so he did think of me.  I've ridden (as a passenger) twice now.     Now he wants to add a luggage rack, new boots, jacket, blah, blah.   All I see is dollar signs.

    Speaking of which.   When his first sister got pregnant we decided to purchase the car seat for her and any other future kids on his side of the family.  Cost in the $300-400 range.   

    Well his other sister is now pregnant.   I just got the shower invitation (for late Aug, super early no??).   it's across country so I'm not going.   (I also do not know the family that well anyway).     DH decided we were not getting her the car seat.  Nope, he decided we were going to buy the $550 stroller instead.    

    Now I know I don't have kids, but isn't a $500 stroller a bit much?   I don't mind spending that kind of money on a car seat, but a stroller?  Especially since this sister is a HORRIBLE driver.   I'm genuinely  worried about the safety of this kid.  In the car I mean, not in general.     

    Sigh,   It's clear DH and I are not on the same page here.  I guess it's better than the $1K one the first sister registered for.   

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • @lyndausvi, the stories of your day always make me yearn for more mountain time.  But I have to travel very, very far for it, lol.

    Hopefully the new Harley is great!  But I can understand your irritation.  Sounds like he should have just bought the Harley 5 months ago, instead of the scooter.

    I've been so tempted to buy a scooter.  90% of my driving is "in town".  It would be so great and easier.  But between potholed roads and horrible drivers, it just seems way too dangerous for where I live.

    Maybe point out to DH that it would be more "fair" to give this sister a car seat, since last sister got a car seat?  And that you all should insure the baby has a great, highly rated car seat considering the sister's "cough, cough" creative driving. 

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  • A $500 stroller is pretty insane but maybe they'll get use out of it?

    We're big fans of the Diono car seats in the $250 range.   They can last for 10 years, have a steel frame, can fit 3 across in a lot of cars and are very safe.   Chiquita is in a Ranier at 6 yrs old and it holds her with no issues. 
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