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If you don't want an open relationship, you don't want one.

Dear Prudence,
I met a new guy online, and on the second date he told me he is bisexual. I am OK with it overall, but he wants to have a guy on the side or find someone else to bring into our bed. I am really looking for a long-term relationship. Should I just let this one go, even though everything else is great, or should I consider allowing him to explore relationships with men? I am not sure about bringing someone else into our bed; it has never been something I was interested in.

–Two Is Plenty


Re: If you don't want an open relationship, you don't want one.

  • First off, kudos to the guy for mentioning all of that very early in the relationship.

    Let me tell you why he did, LW.  So that if you weren't cool with it, neither of you wasted any time/feelings.

    Seriously?  There were times I didn't accept a third date from someone for far less.

    Then again, since there are apparently only four men where you live, he might have a hard time finding a male side piece anyway.

     This, exactly.  

    I wonder if LW is conflating not being OK with an open relationship/threesome situation with not being OK with his bisexuality.  
  • Why do people even write to Prudie after a first or second date anyway? That always boggles my mind.
    Part ways. Hell even ghosting wouldn't be side-eyed that early on, for me. Yeesh. 

  • At least the guy is honest and open about what he wants - if LW doesn't feel the same, no harm done. It's not like these 2 were in a 50 year marriage when this came up.
  • My only thought is that maybe the wording is weird and LW is really saying something else?
    Such as - we've only been on 2 dates, I'm not into it so how do I let him down without being rude?
  • It was nice that he was open with you letting you know about his sexuality. Its not easy for many people to do. If you are not into this relationship its okay to let him know how your views are on the situation. You do not want an open relation. I am sorry this post was late  :) :
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