Wedding Woes

Friday! Whoot!

We made it!

I am the proud new owner of a 2015 Tangerine Pearl Crosstrek.  Also, I hate having a car payment.  But I financed the amount I wanted, have the payment amount I wanted, and the length of time I wanted, with budget wiggle room to pay off early.

Plans for the weekend are to finish moving into the apartment and sleeping.  Maybe a movie.

Re: Friday! Whoot!

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    Woohoo Varuna!! Go-go gadget negotiation.  ;)  Enjoy the new ride. 

    I thought of the roommate letter from yesterday this morning about being woken up since DH woke me up when he got home ON PURPOSE so he could tell me he was home.  (He left work super early so he could get to bed/start vacation ASAP.) Why DH, why?  I basically grunted at him and rolled over.  But he left our room and I stewed in annoyance for about 10 min (with my eyes closed).  I fell back asleep eventually. 

    Anyhoo, work today and tomorrow.  DH, the kiddo, and BIL roll out late afternoon/early evening.   Their first stop is Colorado.  

    Heading to SIL's tomorrow after work.  I think we're hitting up a Greek fest on Sunday.  I'm off work Monday and who knows what we will or won't get into.  :D
  • Central air is the best investment @MissKittyDanger , maybe not from a financial perspective but definitely from a marital one. This is our first house with central air and we'll never go back. Keeping the humidity out has been huge. 

    Not much today, it's storming here finally (the weather has called for "bad storms" for weeks now so they were bound to be right one day) so doing some interview prep work and catching up on emails. I applied for another job in Buffalo and the person in charge of the search committee is my dissertation advice who texted me to tell me to apply. I feel pretty good about that. 
  • @charlotte989875  The maintenance part is what really sold me, other than the "you're on borrowed time with your furnace" {plus summer is hot as fuckkkk some days. Not Arizona hot, but still hot}
    We don't know how to maintain a furnace. We're still figuring out this home ownership thing lmao!
    Financially it'll be weird for a bit. Just getting use to new bills, etc but the guy was explaining the long term gas and hydro bills will balance out.
  • Morning.   Yay for the new car.

    So at 10:30 last night my DH got an email from the GM.  He wants to me with me, DH, my boss and HR today at 11am.    I do not have a company email and he didn't have my personal email to extend the invitation.

    Ummm,    the email was odd.   It said he wanted to clear up some of my concerns about the new director, that the meeting is positive. No one is in trouble.   

    Backstory:  I've mentioned here how the new director has been kind-of sketchy with the schedule.   I went to the GM about it.    Last week the online schedule the posted schedule in the kitchen were different.  I called them out about it.   I was told to use the online version.

    Now one server's name is completely removed from the online schedule, but not on posted in the kitchen version.   I was told it's none of my concern, he was off the schedule for a reason.  Just use the online version.   Yet, every day the same guy is working all the hours that the kitchen schedule says.    

    Not only that, but I would come in and see 4 people on as servers.  So I  start assigning tables.  30 minutes later 3 other people show up to work as servers.   Now this is NOT reinforcements because we are busy. That I get. I'm talking about on nights when we have less than 10 tables.   2 nights ago I had 7 servers and 3 tables.  :/

    The only people who are asked to come on their non-scheduled shifts are the guys the director brought in from CA.   All guys.   Not one of the existing staff (happen to be all women) are asked to come in.   Weird right?     It's all:

    The GM mentioned that new director might have had to promise 'x' hours in order to get these guys to come in from CA.   Okay, I get that.  But why not just schedule them in the first place?   Why all the secrecy of them actually being schedule more hours but not publicly posted.

    I also said that new director's communication skills is lacking.  Before I accepted the offer I asked what I would be doing and if I would be getting 40 hours a week.  He said I will have more work than I want and he vague on my duties.   5 weeks later the most hours I've gotten is 32.   And that was only 1 week.    A schedule for next week was posted and I was down to 20.  But that schedule was retracted.    

    See a pattern?  CA guys are getting their promised hours in stealth mode, while I'm not.

    I told the GM, hey I'm reasonable.  I get budgets, I get too many people.  I'm a big girl.   If you didn't have the shifts to give me then just tell me.  I would find another job.     I prefer working at the club.  I'm well liked.   However, I'm marketable enough here to find a job that can give me the hours I need. No hard feelings.  

    So back today.   Next week's schedule was reposted.  My hours increased to more like 40 (didn't add them up yet, but lots of doubles) from the retracted one.  My niece's hours increased also.    

    So I'm guessing this meeting is really positive?    Still not sure why my DH was invited to the meeting.  Other than he also expressed the same concerns on schedule based on other employees coming to him.  But still, shouldn't this be handled individually???    

    Weirdness all around.


    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • @kimmiinthemitten  omg the fancy pants! <3

    @DrillSergeantCat  I went "omg!" in a squeaky voice over that fyi lol
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    That is so weird, @lyndausvi! Fingers crossed that all is well!
  • @lyndausvi yeah....that's some serious fuckery. I hope everything gets worked out.
  • @lyndausvi that's sketch! hopefully the meeting isn't sketch :\
  • @short+sassy  I may have to post a photo with the new love of my life, because idk how I have lived without a/c for so long. Our old apartment was a hot box and we'd die every summer.
  • So cute @kimmiinthemitten. Do you use caning/mason jars to store? We got a bunch at Ace hardware and seemed to be cheaper than WalMart/Target/Kroger. 
  • Thats super weird @lyndausvi why is your DH involved/emailed rather than calling you? H and I have worked in the same place for YEARS and something like that would be weird. My current Chair would ask me things about H and I always responded firmly, but politely that it's best if he asked him. Separate work and personal. 
  • Morning everyone!

    Today my parents and nephew are coming up for a military memorabilia show, and FW and I are having lunch with them. After that, we're going to look at futons and go through all the crap from the spare room. Tonight is our usual meeting.

    Tomorrow is Pride, and I'm annoyed because I was assigned to be a parade volunteer and my employer is going to be marching in the parade. Oh well, at least after the parade I'm off the hook, and FW and I can enjoy Pride together.

    Sunday I meet with my sponsor, and then if I'm done going through the stuff from the spare room, I'm going to my drum circle.
  • Yay for new car! 

    That is some fuckery, @lyndausvi

    Last night was good. The dog looks much better on her new meds but I still don't think she has long. I guess on Monday they ran some more tests and she actually has two different types of cancer now. We said our goodbyes. I hope she stays happy and comfortable. 

    My parents told me they might need to stay in my apartment for awhile so now I have to keep it. I was trying to get rid of it but I want to help support them if I can. My dad is most likely going to need cancer treatments at the hospital nearby, and that way they won't have to drive all the way back to their house. 

    Today I have a bunch of errands/crap to take care of around the house. Kitten has a vet appointment. And I might have to go to a Costco that's far away to pick up outdoor shades. They didn't have it at the one close to us. We are roasting in the back bedroom. 

  • I'm so sorry about your dog and your dad, @levioosa. Hugs!
  • Wow @lyndausvi That is some sketchy ass shit. 
    DSC that is so cute!

    my meeting last night went better than I expected. I am happy with the results even if DH isn't. 
    Today we bought the dog shoes. He needs them because the concrete gives so hot during the day. There were, of course, the hilarious first few steps but he got used to them fairly quickly.
  • @OurWildKingdom  well at least you'll have time to enjoy Pride :)
    Enjoy the sorting lol

    @levioosa  sorry to hear about your pup and dad <3
  • @levioosa I'm so sorry on both accounts.  Hugs and margaritas.

    @lyndausvi what's next, is someone's mom going to call in for them?  There's a whole lot of blurred lines there.  Good luck in your meeting!
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    I'm sorry @levioosa

    Not much here. It's raining and I told the kids they could play video games, watch tv, or do nothing all day. Mil and sfil are coming over around 4 to take them to Dave and busters. Dh and I are going for Chinese 

  • So cute @kimmiinthemitten. Do you use caning/mason jars to store? We got a bunch at Ace hardware and seemed to be cheaper than WalMart/Target/Kroger. 

    Thanks for the tip!  I didn't have enough at the same time last year so they were wasted for the most part.  I'm hoping to get to some this weekend/early next week.  I think by then I'll have enough in a myriad of shades to jar.
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    I'm sitting at my desk drenched because the rain is awful and our parking lot floods. I ran an errand, hoping to go in between rain, but of course it poured whenever I had to get out of the car. Oh and I spilled my coke in the car when I was getting out to come back inside. Booooo
  • Happy Friday day everyone!

    Varuna - Yay new car! And for your Pride efforts to be shown off on HuffPo

    Leviosa - Sorry about the pup, hoping for a peaceful and pain free life.

    Lynda - Hope all this fuckery gets straightened out.  Sounds like a shitshow of epic proportions.  I do have a question, since this is a private club - is the wait-staff tipped like a normal restaurant?  So all those extra serves who came in only made a couple bucks per hour?  I'd be really mad if I were one of those servers.

    This weekend we have a graduation party on Saturday and a co-ed baby shower on Sunday.  H is thrilled about the baby shower!  I've been laughing both internally and externally about this since we got the invitation.  I got tons of goodies for mom to be.  She will also be getting some of DDs hand me downs (not at the shower).  Her registry was way weird though.  Like 4 different kinds of bottles, multiple packs of breast milk bottles and storage bags, 5 different kinds of baby carriers and no equipment.  No stroller, no car seat, no pack n play, etc - and as far as I know, this stuff hasn't been given to her.  Its just odd.

    I hope to get to yoga Saturday morning and not sure which mass, but church as well.

  • It's pouring here. Of course, I had to be out in it. My feet are soaked. Had a Drs. appointment this morning - just physical. The doctor was 30 mins. late. I hate it when they run late.

     DS2 is coming home tonight for his HS reunion. H and I are leaving tomorrow for Chicago to see The King and I. I'm glad DS2 will be here since the girl doggie was sick last weekend with a house sitter.

    Fixing meatloaf for dinner tonight but don't really feel like doing it.
  • @OliveOilsMom that sounds like the last shower I went to. It was just a mishmash of stuff on her registry. She had an Infantino carrier and an Ergobaby infant insert, several different types of bottles, and tons of clothes, but no diapers, towels, washcloths. I asked her about it and she said she just didn't know what she was doing so she was just putting stuff on there.
  • Good Afternoon!

    I'm so glad it's Friday.   When you WFH, the weekends in the summer bring the desire to GTFO.

    My next week schedule is going to most likely involve a conversation with a customer discussing what we can and can't issue credit for.   Bah! 

    @lyndausvi, hopefully the meeting is positive!  
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    regarding the baby registry, I feel like we barely got anything from our registry, I had maybe 4-5 people buy from it, someone else buy very similar things to what we registered for but not the exact things, and then the rest was random clothes mostly. Granted I didn't have a big shower but still it was sort of annoying since I've always been one to buy from registries because I figure if they pick it out that is what they want. Then again anything someone wanted to get me I was grateful for so it all worked out

    I understand the multiple bottles thing but yea like 5 carriers is pretty crazy 
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