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Brazilian Room Wedding?

My now fiance and I got engaged in April and we are planning our wedding for Autumn 2018 so we have quite some time, but we like to plan early for some things! We started looking around at venues, to get ideas, and my mom had brought up the Brazilian Room at Tilden Park in Berkeley. It seems quite cheap--about $600 or $800, I think it was--to rent the venue between 8am and 4pm. 

When I was looking at other venues and reviews for others, I saw lots of negative comments on things I never would have thought of! One place would allow the couple to change out, or even cover up, the venue's curtains which did not match the wedding colors and theme! Others were too noisy because they were close to roads, or had very limited dinner options, did not allow you to decorate aside from what the venue provided, and so on. I know for the Brazilian Room, or at least what I understood from the website, is that some days, you are only allowed to use their approved caterers and can't cater any of your own. I don't see that as a huge issue, but I am concerned about the choices. 

What I am wanting to know is if any who has had a wedding, or has been to a wedding, at the Brazilian Room would be able to offer some advice, suggestions, tips, and warnings on what might happen if I book this venue in the next couple months. Also, since it appears to be so cheap, how soon SHOULD I book the venue, if we decide to go with it? We are still about a year and a half out from our preferred wedding date, but will it be booked quickly because of it's low rental rate? (In case it is relevant, our date we are aiming for is on a Friday, and we are willing to do a day wedding, instead of an evening, if it means a lower price!) 

OR if you are reading and have other suggestions for low-cost venues or ideas, I am open to all :smiley: 
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