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rental dresses

Has anyone tried one of these , like Rent the runway? 8 bridesmaids all varying bodies types.

Re: rental dresses

  • I LOVE rent the runway, I now use it for tons of events. I'm also a huge fan of letting your BMs pick dresses that work for their bodies. I would have loved if a bride told me to pick a dress in x color or from y designer if I was in her wedding. 
  • I love rent the runway, but I'm kind of confused by your reasoning for using them ("8 bridesmaids all varying body types"). Are you planning to let them choose anything that compliments their body type from RTR? Or are you  just thinking RTR will mean they have something unflattering, but they don't have to own it, so whatever?

  • If you're going to let them pick whatever dress they want, it doesn't really make sense to dictate where they get it from.  You could easily give them parameters or even a color swatch to match and let them pick anything from anywhere that meets whatever criteria you may have.  
  • I have a lot of friends who have used Rent the Runway & love it. But yeah, it doesn't make sense to let your BMs pick their dress and then require where they get it from. They may have something that already would work or maybe they find a dress they really love. It would be great to give them as an option, or let them know places like that exist, since some people aren't aware!
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