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Why is it only Wednesday?

Good morning? What's everyone up to today?

Not much here; final interview prep, packing for the weekend, and counter-protest tonight at the clinic. My friend made some awesome Leslie Knope signs. Driving out to Buffalo tomorrow after a conference call, and there all weekend. So even though it's Wednesday it feels like the weekend is right around the corner. 

Re: Why is it only Wednesday?

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    Ok and after I typed that they had a girl get one double her budget and they seemed to talk her into it. Oops 
  • Today is my Thursday.
    Energy audit is today. M's home for the morning because I'm off all day Friday. We have to do 2 things to qualify for the $1,000 rebate and replacing the furnace is one, and they'll suggest the 2nd thing {like tape the ducts or caulk the window in the basement window}

    Tonight we've gotta clean that backyard. It's mostly moving stuff so Friday they have space to put a/c unit out there.

    So as I mentioned, we saw "Wonder Woman" last night. OMG! So good! M loved it too, and he admitted he wasn't entirely looking forward to it because it just didn't seem like his type of movie.
    We both agreed that they did it justice, and so glad there is a strong, independent, female super hero for to look up to for anyone.

    So many good parts! Lmao! I don't wanna spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but if you know your Greek mythology then you'll know the 'big secret' they're keeping from Diana.

    M: What is it with Chris Pine saving the world with a motorcycle?
    Me; cuz he looks hot on it and directors know that. Plus. leather jacket!
    M: *rolls eyes* Sorry do you need a minute?
    Me: nahh ..... I'm good. ;)
  • @charlotte989875 good luck on the interview.
    @kvruns I just can't get into the UK version. IDK why, though. My favorite is SYTD Atlanta

    A couple months ago I ordered a Happy Yarn Mail box. It's a monthly subscription service that sends you a crochet project and everything you need to complete it. It's $30+ shipping. I'd heard good things about it, so I ordered one. Sooooo not worth the $40 I spent. It has just the amounts you need to complete the pattern, but if I bought full sizes of everything, it would still cost less and worst of all the pattern is missing instructions which you only find out if you watch the instructional video. GRRRRR

    I haven't unpacked all my clothes so I can't find my other nursing bra (I only have 2) so I'm wearing a sports bra today. Can you say uniboob?

    Our salesman, shop manager, and one mechanic are out on vacation this week so it's quiet. Our parts runner's last day was Monday. Another mechanic just hasn't shown up to work yet and it's his second time, so if he shows up I have to write him up and suspend him for 3 days. YAY. 

    So that's my day. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

  • kvruns said:

    I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress while working from home. They now have British episodes too. I'm impressed they almost always show dresses below budget whereas the American version always seems to be at or above max budget on most dresses. 

    kvruns said:

    Ok and after I typed that they had a girl get one double her budget and they seemed to talk her into it. Oops 

    I have a love/hate with that show. Love it because the dresses are gorgeous {mostly} but hate because it feels like there's so much pressure on Brides-to-be and those who go with them because if she loves it, they push to get everyone to chip in.
    Uhm ... fuck off. I was never planning on getting anyone to buy my dress {even though I didn't have a budget ...} but my mum ended up paying for it.

    Then again .... these dresses are 10x what I paid for my dress, sash AND shoes. {and my shoes cost almost $1,000 .... Christian Louboutins fyi}
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    @DrillSergeantCat I agree I can't get into the British version either. Not sure why 

  • kvruns said:

    @DrillSergeantCat I agree I can't get into the British version either. Not sure why 

    It's just kind of boring. Nobody really gets excited. They just seem very flat.
  • Last night I met up with friends for happy hour and Taco Tuesday.  So much fun!  I tried a Pineapple Cider and it was just amazing!  Short Rib tacos with guac - I could have housed a dozen!  They were that good!

    When I got home, H was contemplating doing the lawn.  I encouraged him since it had cooled off so much.  So he mowed while I picked up sticks in the back yard.  My niece was there, so she stayed with DD.  I'm going to love having my own au pair for the summer!  DD messed up her streak of sleeping through on my nights.  The first wasn't so bad as I just turned off the TV and wasn't asleep yet.  So I fed her and put her back down.  An hour later she was fussing again, so I went in and flipped her onto her belly.  She just zonked out after that!

    Today is yoga after work and dinner.  We may pop over to Lowes to buy the fixins to seal the driveway.  It needs it bad and this is the perfect time of year.  Its a 3 day process and we figured the long holiday weekend would be perfect.  Except its supposed to rain on Sunday.  So H is going to start it tomorrow night, so its all done by Sunday.

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    Hugs @VarunaTT. Even good change is hard. 

    Work, Swim lessons, grocery,work, pool, work, baseball, sleep. Max's ball ends tonigh. If 6let loses tomorrow his season is done. I kinda hope they lose. Soccer season starts in a measly 3 wks. 
  • @kimmiinthemitten  It was a goal of mine to have those shoes, wedding or not. I just happened to get married and they matched my colours ;) My mum used my dad's old account to pay for my dress and give me money towards my shoes {ended up paying for at least half} so it was an added bonus. My dress was short, so my goal was always to have fancy shoes. Originally I wanted sparkly ones lol
    Don't worry, early on that day I ended up swapping to flip flops despite being use to heels.
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    @oliveoilsmom tell us more about that Pineapple brewery name!

    ETA @VarunaTT, I wasn't previously married, but I went through a similar thing when I fully separated from my ex.  With him, I was a live-in girlfriend, co-worker and stepmother to his children.  A few months later I was a single 29 year old living in a city with an active social life.  It felt like that previous time in my life was a dream, or other worldly, and at other times it felt like I had turned my back on my previous decisions and investments.  They come together, I promise.  I used to say the road trip sucks, but the destination is wonderful.
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    @VarunaTT  I think everyone goes through that somewhat. Sometimes I think back and realize how much has changed in 3 years.
    2013 - got my first salary job
    2014 - I took my first vacation to Mexico, bought our first car, lost my dad and got engaged
    2015 - got married
    2016 - bought our first house
    2017 - M and I are gonna TTC so I could be pregnant and having a baby in 2018
    *edit: in 2017 I also turn 30. I guess that's also a big deal lol

    To a degree you can't help but wonder if all these changes are normal. Bittersweet sometimes, but could it be normal? And what is normal really ....
    Regardless ... *hugs*
  • @kimmiinthemitten It was from Austin Eastciders.  The place we went to has a variety of crafts on tap that they rotate around.  They currently have my H favorite - Hell or High Watermelon, so we will probably go back soon and I can get more!

    It was so smooth to drink!  Sometimes ciders can pick up that malt beverage heaviness, but not this one!  I will probably see if I can find it in store somewhere local!

  • @OliveOilsMom, I LOVE ciders (as long as they aren't too sweet)!  Though I've only had apple ones.  Now I'm intrigued.  Tacos of almost any kind with guacamole...always yeeessss.

    @VarunaTT, hugs to you!  Major changes in life can be unsettling, even when they are positive ones.  I know I've had those moments when I realize life didn't turn out how I expected and mourn that loss a bit...even though I'm happy where I am and in some ways it has turned out better.

    @kimmiinthemitten, I can definitely see what a tough decision it will be, if the job offer is attractive.  Though, another factor to consider...and I'm sure you, if you take the new job and things go bad/major disagreements, it could potentially damage or even end the friendship between yourself and these two women.

    My car is supposed to be ready on June 30th.  That will be two weeks it is at the mechanics!  I'm having a strong suspicion it won't be ready.  The mechanic shop that Progressive had it towed to wasn't able to do some of the work and over a week ago it was towed to a DIFFERENT mechanic, who specializes in MINIs and other German autos.  Then it will be towed back to the original auto shop.

    I called them this morning.  I think I talked to the owner.  He said they don't have it back yet, but he'll be talking to the other shop today because their portion of work was supposed to have been completed yesterday.  He said he'd give me a call this afternoon, after he's talked to them.  I know the "main" shop still has more work to do once they get the car back.

    I'm secretly hoping it won't be ready and I can keep my rental through the 4th of July long weekend.  We have guests coming into town on Saturday and it will be much nicer to toodle them around in a 4-door passenger vehicle than my little MINI girl.    

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  • Lol! Didn't realize they had an English version! What store does it take place in? I'd love to watch :)
  • @Apollymi  welcome and glad to have you :) tell us a bit about yourself!
  • Welcome @Apollymi, half-price martini night sounds fantastic. Good luck with the inspection process. My H and I bought our first home last year and we also did it remotely so I definitely understand the stress. Hopefully you have a great agent who stays in touch, that helped us immensely with not being there. We also closed remotely so if you have questions or concerns about that happy to share what worked/didn't work for us. 
  • Thanks @MissKittyDanger ! Glad to be here :)

    Well I guess for the basics, I'm 27, from Toronto, ON!
    FI and I got married in January, the wedding is next September. We're having it here in Toronto, but are moving to Saskatoon next month so I'll be planning 90% of it from afar - hopefully I'll be able to pull it off haha.

    @charlotte989875 I'll definitely take you up on that if anything comes up! Yes, our agent has been a god send in all of this. I keep telling myself all the stress is worth it because at the end of all this we'll be in our own home.
  • @Apollymi  *high 5* Fellow Canadian :) Ack why Saskatoon?
  • Welcome @Apollymi!  Congrats on the engagement, the FI's new job, and the soon-to-be first home!  Phew, that's a lot of great stuff happening all at once, lol.  Though I'm sure it is stressful, too.  Half-price martini night is coming in handy.
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  • Thanks @short+sassy !

    @MissKittyDanger I know right  :( FI got a biiig promotion at work, but unfortunately he has to be in Saskatoon for it. I actually have an amazing job here in Toronto, but the promotion was so big that it justified us leaving and me quitting my job. Hopefully I'll be able to find something out there. I'm in Graphic Design though, and my industry certainly isn't booming there haha.
  • @Apollymi  Fair enough. Just sucks for you :( I'm sure something will come up at least!
  • @MissKittyDanger Yup. I'm pretty lucky because I can definitely still freelance, but that would be from home, and I'm thinking I'll want a job that involves meeting new people because we know absolutely no one in Saskatoon lol. 
  • So M just called and a few things with energy audit, and I'm kinda irked.
    Like insulation in attic. We have R30, they prefer R50+

    They want us to redo our water tank. Yeh, that was part of the plan eventually but honestly the packaged offered was just higher than I wanted to spend right now.

    Then there was stupid little things. Do an air barrier insert on all plugs on exterior walls {which is majority of plugs}, seal the attic flap better and remove the paper on the walls in basement and put insulation.

    Guhh .... we'll likely do the attic and plugs first. Just sucks we thought it wasn't gonna be a big deal. Now it feels like they want more than we expected. *sigh*
  • Welcome @Apollymi....since I'm a snobby anti-metric American, you gave your Canadian away when you talked about kilometers :)

  • Welcome @Apollymi....since I'm a snobby anti-metric American, you gave your Canadian away when you talked about kilometers :)

    I'm so use to kilometers I didn't even notice lmao! :')
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