Baby's Breath

Hey everyone! Hoping for some flower experts here! I'd like to do something like this for my centerpieces, but I'm getting quoted $40-50 per table and Baby's breath is SO cheap so I'm wondering if I could do it myself. Anyone have any idea how many bunches this would take? 
Also was thinking about doing a hydrangea centerpiece (below, since they're fuller flowers and would possibly require less? Any idea how many might be in something like this?

Re: Baby's Breath

  • You can buy heaps of baby's breath for cheap (blooms in the box, grocery store flower dept, etc) but those tall vases are going to cost you. I got my trio of cylinder vases (10", 7.5", & 6") for a good deal from SaveOnCrafts dotCom so you might look there for tall vases, or local Buy/sell/trade FB groups. 

    Also, think about when you will have time to make the centerpieces, who will set them up, and who will take them apart at the end of the night. 
    The quote from a florist might seem high but there is definitely a convenience factor to take into consideration. 
  • If you want to do a centerpiece of baby´s breath, you might need around 10 stems per table (1 bunch). A centerpiece of hydrangea is more expensive, you might need around 10 stems of them, plus the tall vases for both options.
  • I bought my hydrangea's from Sam's. They shipped right to my door and were in good condition. @missJeanLouise has a very valid point about who's going to set up and take down. That's part of what the florist's charges are for.
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