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Shipping Glassine Envelopes

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Hello everyone! I am looking to send my bridesmaids letters inside of glassine envelopes and am wondering if anyone has experience shipping these type of envelopes in the mail? Do they make it through the post okay?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Shipping Glassine Envelopes

  • I wouldn't recommend mailing letters in glassine envelopes. First off, I would be concerned that postal meters will rip the material to shreds, as so often happens with regular envelopes. 

    Second I advise against this for privacy reasons - all of the information inside the envelope is displayed for numerous postal workers to see, which also kind of defeats the purpose of an envelope.

    If you still want the translucent effect of the glassine envelope, I suggest you put your letters in the glassine envelopes, and then insert this into a regular opaque envelope. 
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