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Wedding venues 5k in az!

anyone know of good vendors in Arizona that are 5k and under for 125-150 people?

Re: Wedding venues 5k in az!

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    This is any international board so you may get better responses on the local boards.

    In saying that, is your 5K inclusive of food and alcohol? If so, you may need to think about increasing your budget, decreasing your guest list or hosting at a non-meal time for cake/punch in order to make that work.

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    Arizona is a huge state.  Are you asking about Phoenix, Tuscon, Lake Havasu?  Even if you post on your local board, which you should, you need to be more specific about what you are seeking.
    Morning weddings with brunch receptions are much cheaper than dinner receptions.  Afternoon ceremonies with sandwiches, cake and punch are very budget friendly, but may not do if you have a lot of out of town guests who are flying in for your wedding.
    Frills you can cut include alcohol, fancy tiered wedding cakes, DJs, dancing, large wedding parties,expensive venues.  My sister was married in a city park and served picnic food and a sheet cake.  It was family friendly, and the kids ran around the park and had a great time.  I would NOT recommend this for an Arizona summer, though!
    Weddings do not need to cost a fortune.  Good luck!
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