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Looking for advice and recommendations

I recently got engaged and I cannot decide what kind of wedding to have. We had originally planned to a wedding with about 150 guests at a golf course but as we were going to do the deposit it just didn't feel right. I looked at the budget and I don't want anything fancy, it was going to be around $12,000. I just can't imagine spending that much for one day. Now we have cut the guest list down to about 100 and I can't seem to make anymore cuts as we have a large immediate family and we would like close friends too. We have gone back and forth with different ideas such as a ceremony and then just having cake or snacks but a lot of places have different places for the ceremony and reception. It seems having more of an evening wedding gets expensive with drinks and a DJ but I feel like I might regret not having a traditional wedding. We would only like to spend $5,000 on everything. Any ideas on venues or ceremony places? Would love to find somewhere we could bring our own food and drinks

Re: Looking for advice and recommendations

  • There are tons of venues in the cities that are budget friendly and you can do both ceremony and reception, AND keep your 150 person guest list.  Consider Stillwater Boat & Packet or Afton Cruise Line! (Do a 2-hour cruise on the St. Croix, no need for a DJ, unique, and done)..  We've used Hudson House Inn for a number of events (RD, First Communion, Lifting meets) and always been happy with the overall package.  The closer you get to the cities, the more expensive things tend to get.  OTOH, you can still do a fully catered wedding for 150 with that $5000 budget, you just need to get creative and keep your expectations in check.  As for food and drinks, really, just go with the caterer and bar at the venue, you DO NOT save a penny by DIY on this even in your own back yard and the stress isn't worth it.  
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