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Photographer in Skagway, AK

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this September by going on an Alaskan cruise! We're from Indiana, so I don't really know much about Alaska other than it's beautiful and I'm very much looking forward to our trip! I thought it'd be neat to surprise my husband with a photo shoot of the two of us at one of the ports our cruise ship stops at! The one we'll be at for the longest period of time is Skagway, so that location just made the most sense to me to have the shoot at. I can't seem to find many photographers in that area though when doing an internet search. We'd be pretty limited on location and would have to stick to anywhere within walking distance of the cruise ship port area. So my questions are... Is that even possible to get scenic photos in that port area that show off the beautiful Alaskan backdrop (LOL... way prettier than the cornfields of Indiana where we're from!)?! And are there any good photographers in the area that anyone would recommend? As far as style goes, I'm thinking an engagement type session with an artsy and photojournalistic style.

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    I'm from Alaska, and even I don't know of any specific photographers there. There's only one other person who posts regularly on here from Alaska. I doubt you're going to get many responses with specific photographers there. 

    Call up the local chamber of commerce and ask them. 
  • Thanks for the reply!  Based on some internet searching I've done, that's what I was guessing.  Posting on these boards for help was my last hope!  ;-)  I'm thinking maybe instead of Alaska I'll go with trying to find someone in Seattle, which is where our cruise ship first leaves from.  There's a whole lot more options there!  And it may not be Alaska, but it's still a whole different look than the cornfields here in Indiana!
  • You also may be able to get some nice shots on the boat. Most [if not all] cruise lines have their own photographers who can take pictures of you in front of the sights. And a lot of ports have photographers roaming around too (either with the cruiseline or tourism services and the like), trying to sell you on pictures.
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