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We are planning on having our ceremony at a ballpark just before a local semi-pro game (we are fans). Instead of a traditional reception, we will stay for the game. Guests will have tickets to the game (of course), food, and beer. We reserved a "party deck" at the ballpark for our estimated 80 guests, so space is limited and decorations aren't really an option. I'm wondering if I should try to do some form of entertainment like games that don't require space (custom Bingo cards, Icebreakers, etc)? Or will the ballgame and socializing be enough to keep people entertained? We want this to be a casual, fun, laid-back feel... so we aren't looking for formal or traditions, but we also don't want people bored since we aren't doing the typical reception dance. I plan to print "program" fans... just info like where to find the restroom, buffet times, etc. so maybe I could print something on the backside of that? Thoughts/ideas? 


  • Being a huge sports fan, I love this idea!  I don't think the games are necessary, most people will be socializing with each other or watching the game.  You could go out after the game to a fun bar/club for dancing for anyone who is up for it.  Perhaps reaching out to the team letting them know of your plans they may do something special for you, you just never know.  
  • Thank you! Yes, we have thought about possibly going to a bar after the game, but we'll play it by ear on what people feel like doing. I have heard the team and mascot usually line up for wedding pictures, so that would be fun! :) 
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    No need for additional entertainment after the ceremony. As long as you have plenty of food, drinks and there's a game to watch, that's enough. I would LOVE to go to this kind of wedding reception (huge baseball fan) and wouldn't need any sort of additional entertainment.
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  • I agree with the other PPs.  Having your wedding and reception at a ballpark, with a game happening during the reception, IS the entertainment.  I'm not a fan of "icebreaker" and other games at a wedding.  I think it would distract from it.  I'm not even a baseball fan, but I think your ballpark wedding sounds like such a fun and unique idea!
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  • Thank you @short+sassy and @cupcait927 - good to get opinions from both baseball and non-baseball fans. Good to know! 
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