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Help! Monotone, bland, ugly chapel ceremony venue.

As you can see in the image, this chapel needs some sever makeover love for a ceremony.  We are thinking about this location because it is affordable, small, and in a great location.  I know this place could be turned into something beautiful, but I don't know where to start generating ideas.  I was thinking maybe bringing in some crimson color with flowers or a runner rug to cover up the flooring between the pews, but really don't know what to do. Any help would be much appreciated! 

Re: Help! Monotone, bland, ugly chapel ceremony venue.

  • Check with the church to see what they allow regarding decorations. Not knowing your budget, it's hard to give suggestions. But flowers at the end of the pews would be pretty. Maybe candles if the church allows them. Possibly fabric swagged from the ceiling or just a runner between the pews as you mentioned. Maybe an arch at the alter area. But really, in those small churches less is more. I wouldn't go too crazy with a bunch of decorations in a small space. 
  • I think it's lovely. Even a single large vase of flowers at the front would be beautiful.

    Also, I recommend decorating areas you want to highlight as opposed to those you want to cover. For example, an aisle runner draws my attention to the floor.
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  • I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the wood and the light, reminds me of my home growing up. <3 If I were trying to glam it up a little (PP posters are right, less is going to be more), I might bring in an arch though 2 tall arrangements on either side will also help bring attention up front. You could do smaller arrangements (doesn't have to be flowers. Could be candles, faux topperary, lanterns, suitcases, whatever) on the edges of the stage. I wouldn't drape anything off the back of the pews because I thinks they are lovely but you could hang a little something off the side. If you have money you don't know what to do with, loose garland around the windows could be pretty.
  • I think it's lovely as it. Maybe a white runner and candles (flame or flame less) and some white flower petals lining the aisle would be nice. The wood is great Id avoid covering it up. 
  • I'm with the others.   I think that looks beautiful.

    You're going to have the pews filled with people so really the question is what will the venue allow you to have at the front.   A few floral arrangements is really all you need.   You may be able to have a pew decoration (a pomander or bow or flower) but I'd say that this is understated elegance. 
  • I agree with PPs it is a lovely chapel and less is more. Maybe a candle arch at the front if the chapel allows it.
  • I think the austerity is very elegant!

    I would talk to the venue staff and find out if you can add, perhaps, some baskets of flowers or candles on the chancel. But I agree with PPs: less is definitely more in this sanctuary.
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