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Hi all! I started the process of having a custom wedding band created in late April, and I'm still waiting. The jeweler made a wax model, sent it off to be cast, it came back with something wrong so they had to fix it, and then it fit my finger but did not fit my ring. So we're on take two (or technically three) now and I just left the jeweler after they mistakenly sent me an email saying my ring was ready only to find out that they're still waiting for the metal to be delivered. I still have time before my wedding, so I'm not freaking out but it's starting to get aggravating. Has anyone else gone through this when getting a custom piece of jewelry, please?

Re: Custom Wedding Band

  • I've done several custom pieces and they usually have a longer process. If you are looking for it to be done right, sometimes it takes several adjustments.

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    I had a custom band made and it took a few weeks (maybe 8-10?) . Thankfully the mold was perfect so we didn't have to make any changes. When is your wedding? 

  • Both my engagement ring and wedding band are custom. My engagement ring (supposedly, I wasn't involved) took a really long time from design meeting to finish. But for the band, I really only remember it taking a couple months. 

    I mean, with custom anything, I'm not all that surprised by there being adjustments. When is the wedding? Do you have a question?

  • Wedding is in September. I really just wanted to see if it took this long for others or if it was just me. Thanks - your experiences help!
  • It took 4 months for my ring  :o
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